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We are always keen to see the results of your labours &, with your permission, will happily display a photo of your latest pride & joy in the gallery section or in our free download catalogue. Particularly if the model contains parts from our range & especially those using any of the military range, resin cab transkits, wrecker sets, skip kits, cement mixers, trailer kits, or decal sets. Full builder credits are always given alongside any picture that we use.


Builds of Our Classic British Military Vehicle Range Kits

(For the civilian vehicle Gallery, just scroll down past the Military Section)

Legal Notice
The copying or reproduction of ANY parts or products under the ownership of Kit Form Services (KFS) is strictly forbidden. This includes parts & products which are current stock items, parts & products currently discontinued, & parts & products offered through the JunkYard Section of the KFS website as 'surplus to requirement', 'second quality', or 'stock clearance' items. This applies to parts & products being pirated for both commercial gain & for personal use.
Such actions are considered an offence under international copyright law. Any such action establishes grounds for a civil action and may give rise to criminal prosecution. Likewise, no image or photograph may be copied, distributed or disseminated for commercial purposes (i.e E Bay) without written permission.

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BAC Bloodhound Mk2 Surface to Air Missile Gallery

Above; A selection of pictures of the first completed test builds of our BAC Bloodhound Mk2 missile & launcher. See Military Section for full details.

Above; Four shots of the first customer build of our TQ229 BAC Bloodhound from Nick Shuttleworth

English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 Surface to Air Missile Gallery

Above; Four pictures of one of the first completed test builds of our Thunderbird Mk2 missile & launcher. See Military Section for full details.

And from Paul Green his superb completed Thunderbird, launcher, & Bedford RL prime mover

Above;- From Japanese modeller Satoshi Maeda, his excellent completed Thunderbird & 3 shots from Suffolk modeller Nigel Fletcher of his also excellent build

Leyland & Scammell Crusader Gallery

Above; First four pictures of the Leyland Crusader CL 35 Ton tractor unit test build. And 4 pictures of a converted LHD Crusader driven by Cpl John Cook of 43 Plant Sqn RE

Above; A series pictures of the Scammell Crusader EKA Recovery test build & then equipped with the TQ180 Recovery Equipment kit. (See the TQ Section for details of the TQ180 content, a lot of it is out of view inside the lockers)

From Satosh Maeda (Japan) 3 shots of his Crusader EKA build, which he modified the locker hinges on using brass rod & tube, so they all actually work, & 3 shots of the completed model on its base & loaded with a KFS TQ180 Recovery Equipment set.

Bedford RL 4x4 Gallery

Above; First four pictures of the Bedford RL 4 tonner test build from the KFS bench. Then from Jim Staton, his nice clean RL flatbed, followed by 5 shots of Paul Greens RL Thunderbird Missile prime mover.

The next 2 shots are from Nick Shuttleworth of his lovely Military Modelling Bedford RL review. Followed by a 4 shot walkaround of Richard Wilsons excellent KFS Bedford RL build.

GKN AT-105 Saxon Gallery

Above;- Five pictures of the first test build of our TQ-212 GKN AT-105 Saxon kit

Above;- A selection of shots of the test build of Saxon equipped with the TQ-214 Peak Turret conversion kit. This model is also a 'just for fun' cut away & allows for better viewing of the complete interior & engine bay. Further details of the Peak Turret conversion in the Military Section.

From; Saxon GWR by Satoshi Maeda of Japan & two shots from Jim Staton of his GWR Saxon. Next, 4 shots of Nigel Fletchers Saxon with TQ124 Peak Turret roof conversion & TQ174 early pattern tyres.

AEC Militant Mk1 6x6 Gallery

Above;- Four pictures of the first test build of our Mk1 AEC Militant 6x6 kit. See the Military Section for full kit details & further images.

Above;- A second build of a slightly later Militant with the later type indicator/sidelight set up.

Above;- From Bury St Edmunds modeller Nigel Fletcher, 3 shots of his lovery 'mini'(?)-diorama of our Mk1 Militant & TQ201 BL5.5" howitzer.

Above;- Lovely example OOB build from Dudley modeller Andre Ward.

Above;- A further lovely example from Southport modeller Richard Wilson, this time with the doors open & engine cover raised.

Above;- Very nice rendition of the Militant from Scottish modeller Jim Staton

Bedford OYD / OXD Gallery

Above;- Four pictures of each of the very first test builds of the Bedford OXD 30cwt & OYD 3 ton conversions kits. The eight option packs that make up this series are currently discontinued.

Above;- Three shots of Richards Wilsons very nice OYD using the timber body kit option & four shots of Paul Greens OXD also with the timber side option & a load of ammo crates.

FV-432 Mk2/1 APC Gallery

Above;- Eight pictures of the first completed test build for the FV432 kit from the KFS bench. See the Military Range for full details & more photographs.

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his FV432 build, followed by six pictures from Tony Thunder of his build in Aden cam scheme & with pack removed.

Above;- Three further pictures of Tony Thunders Aden 432, now completed & mounted on its display base, and four pictures from David Green of his ambulance role FV432

Above;- Four exterior shots of Tony Mousleys FV439. Using our FV432 as a base Tony completely scratch built all the roof mounted radio & generator gear & all of the radio kit inside....all of which is illuminated. A second build of the same vehicle is without the hull top & displays all the internals.

Above;- A series of 6 pictures from Bury St Edmunds modeller Nigel Fletcher of his KFS FV432 with TQ-226 81mm Mortar conversion installed.

Above;- following on from the FV432 mortar, 5 pictures of Nigel Fletchers FV432/30 using the KFS TQ-224 conversion

Above;- Just a bit of fun !! From the KFS bench, one of our FV432 kits converted to a 1970s Custom or 'RV-432'. On the inside there are;- custom seats, red quilted panelling, real mahogany panels, bed, cupboards, stereo sound system with lots of famous albums including Tubular Bells, Queens A Night At The Opera & the Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord, TV set, CB Radio, Nitrous Oxide bottle & much more. The interior is also lit by several 5mm LEDs & fibre optics. On the outside;- Raised suspension, plexiglass dome, chin spoiler, rear wing, real aluminium side pipe & air horns, aluminium side port holes, chrome head lights & mirrors, side access ladder & chrome chequer plate steps, engine air intake scoop, real aluminium road wheels with colour co-ordinated wheel studs, surf board rack & flashing LED red rear beacons. The rear door holds the gas cooker complete with frying pan... with bacon & eggs on the go.

FV-438 Swingfire ATGW Gallery

The first few pictures of the BATUS liveried TQ-227 Swingfire conversion test build. The flare of the rocket motor is created with a 5mm white LED & cotton wool.

FV-434 Carrier Tracked Maintenance Gallery

Above;- A selection of pictures of the first test build of our FV434 REME fitters vehicle.

Above;- From Japanese modeller Satoshi Maeda, 2 nice shots of his KFS FV434. Then from Italy, David Magarelli with his excellent 434 & finally 2 shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton

Above;- Four shots of Tony Ashcrofts FV434 with an excellent scratch built pack frame & 'house'.

Above;- And Four shots from Nigel Fletcher of his completed FV434 with added Chieftain stowage bin, cam net poles & holders & of course 'the house'

Above;- Six shots of Nick Shuttleworths excellent Berlin urban camoflage FV434

Above;- Richards Wilsons nice clean completed FV434 with the boot open.

Half Ton Lightweight Airportable Gallery

Above;- Six shots of the very first two Lightweight Airportable test builds.

Above;- A pair of very nice examples of the Half Ton Lightweight kit from brothers Paul & David Green. Paul built the red Series 3 version in Red Arrows support crew livery while David went for an earlier 2a in RMP guise, deep bronze green with aluminium trim.

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his Lightweight build & a further four from Plymouth modeller Tony Ashford of his Lightweight & Sankey Mk2 trailer


One Ton Forward Control Gallery

Above;- Four shots of the very first pre-production test build of the 1 Ton Forward Control 4x4 gun tractor.

Above;- Four shots of David Greens Cyprus liveried 1 ton & four shots of brother Pauls (master of the rolled out Milliput) BAOR 1 ton with the Mk2 Sankey trailer in tow. The third set of 4 pictures are of Nick Shuttleworths excellent MilMod review model with canopy omitted to show the interior detail.

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his 1 tonner build, followed by three pictures from Malcolm Denny of his converted 'expedition' vehicle based on a real vehicle.


L118 105mm Light Gun Gallery

Above, Four pictures of the first test builds of the L118 105mm Light Gun TQ-208

Above;- Three pics from Tony Thunder of his prize winning 1 Ton & Light Gun display (you have to see this in the flesh to realise how good it is)

Above;- Four pictures from ex gunner Frank Dobson of his most excellent L118 live firing exercise diorama & 4 more in close up from Andrew Soetendal

AEC Matador Gallery

Above;- Several views of the very first 1/24th AEC Matador kit test build. Although built in wartime guise, the tail lights & indicators are included on this model purely to complete the instruction. These are completely optional & supplied with the kit for post war & civilian use.

Above;- Four shots of David Greens excellent Matador build. Note the inclusion of the gas plate in front of the driver & check out the lovely pushbike on the tail board ! The next two shots are of Paul Greens ( Davids brother) very nice Matador build. Again with a pushbike on the tailboard. See the 5.5" gun gallery for futher pics with a gun on tow.

Above;- 5 pictures of Richard Wilsons lovely 'MilMod blogged' Matador build. Richard also took the bull by the horns (pun intended) & chopped out the engine cover & left hand door to create a really nice interior view of the highly detailed engine. Here it is again complete with the blogged 5.5" Howitzer. Further pictures of Richards gun build lower down.

We could'nt really decide whether to put this in the Military or Civilian section of the Gallery, but for the sake of 'contrast & compare' here are 8 shots of the Matador in its after life as a civilian wrecker. Model from the KFS bench.

Above;- Four shots of Tony Thunders very nice Matador build

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his Matador build with scratch built side curtains & four shots from Austrian modeller Gerhard Dopplehofer of his 6 wheel aircraft refuelling tanker.


HMLC Stalwart Gallery

Above;- Having sold off our first Stalwart test build (model in the first 4 pictures below) which we had used for display purposes, we replaced it in 2014 with a new build of a Royal Artillery limber version. A little more plumbing was added inside the hull this time & the decks slightly reworked. The fitters tool box is a simple scratchbuild, while the tools themselves come from our PE-96 & PE-97 detail sets. Apart from the additional pipes & wires the model is a stock build using the TQ-FV623/624 Atlas crane conversion kit.

Above;- Several views of a couple of early TQ-FV622 Stalwart builds from the KFS bench. The olive green BAOR version is shown with & without its cargo cover. The white UN one has the decks removed to show the fully detailed engine bay & then with a full load of disaster relief stores.

The next 4 images are from Paul Ramsden who built this stunning example, using our Stalwart kit with the FV623/4 Atlas crane conversion kit. (see Military Range for full details on the kit) Followed by five shots of a second white Stalwart, from Austrian modeller Gerhard Dopplehofer, the outdoor shots being very realistic !!

Above;- Six shots of the Military In Scale review model courtesy of expert military modeller Nick Shuttleworth. The full review can be seen in the June 2009 issue of MiS. To quote Nicks view of the kit "suffice it to say there were times during the build when I forgot I was working with resin....it really does not get any better than this" .

Above;- Two pictures to the left of FV622 Stalwart & it's engine bay by Oxfordshire modeller Paul Green, then to the right 4 pictures of the first test build of our FV623/624 Atlas crane conversion kit for Stalwart

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his Stolly build, an example of the FV624 REME fitter version with full canopy by David Green, & two shots from Satoshi Maeda from Japan

Above:- A series of FV624 pictures from Richard Wilson of his review model for MilMod

Above; Plymouth modeller Tony Ashford joins the Stolly fan club with 3 pictures of his factory bronze green Stalwart & one from Japanese modeller Satoshi Maeda of his FV623 Limber under repair

Above;- Nigel Fletcher from Bury St Edmunds the club with a wonderfully detailed FV624 REME Fitters Stolly. Check out the Compo & pizza boxes !!


Alvis Saracen Gallery

Above;- Six shots of the first two test builds of our TQ-FV603 Alvis Saracen Mk5/6 APC. The first three pictures show the uparmoured Mk5 version while the next two show the Mk6 version with RFC kit fitted (Reverse Flow Cooling) The last shot shows the interior through the opening rear doors. (See the TQ Section for further details)

Above;- Six shots of the superb review build build of our Saracen kit by top flight military modeller Nick Shuttleworth. Nick built the kit as the MK5 version & has deliberately omitted the two vertical rear vent pipes in order to be able to remove the upper hull for display purposes. The last two frames show the engine compartment with the Rolls B80 engine & the part built model showing some of the interior detail....engine & interior are standard as supplied with the kit.

Above;- Firstly, four shots of Australian modeller Nic Olliff's very nice Mk5 Saracen. This model was fully blogged on the Military Modelling website forum. Well worth a read ! Followed by 3 pictures of Chris Bulls very nice Mk5 on a roadway base. The next four shots are from Tony Thunder of his very nice BAOR Mk5 with additional stowage baskets.

Above;- Although largely replaced by the Humber Pig as the main riot control vehicle in the 70s the Alvis Saracen was very much in the front line during the early years of the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland. "join the Army" dad said, "it'll keep you off the streets"

Above; Excellent example of an 'opened can' by Satoshi Maeda from Japan, followed by 6 shots of a Mk5 ACV from the KFS bench. Modifications on the standard kit are all scratch built & extends to the interior with map board, cupboards & additional radio sets.

Above;- On the left, from Plymouth modeller Tony Ashford a couple of shots of his nicely modified Mk5 Saracen. And on the right, Nick Shuttleworths entry to the SMW show Telford November 2019, the photo says it all.


Humber Pig Gallery

Above;- Top row, first two test builds of our 1/24th FV1600 Humber pig kit followed by the same two Pigs inserted into small diorama settings with the Northern Ireland soldier figures. Second row, four shots of the MiS review build of the Pig by top flight military modeller Nick Shuttleworth. Third row, four shots from Chris Bull of his lovely Pig build. Fourth row, 4 shots from David Green of his superb 'Flying Pig' conversion. The next 8 pictures are our take (plus a little 'what if ') on the two Mk2 Humber Pigs issued to the Metropolitan Police during the Brixton riots of 1982. Very little is known of these two vehicles other than they were painted blue & had Police markings. Neither vehicle was actually used on the streets during the riots, they were held in reserve, just in case !


Bedford MK Gallery

Above;- 3 shots of the first 'clean' test build of our 1/24th Bedford MK 4 ton GS cargo & then 4 shots of the same model 2 years later having been fitted with a tissue & PVA canopy, cam net, hessian rolls & a roof mounted GPMG.

Above;- 3 shots of our MK kit built by Andrew McAslan of Kingdom Trucks Northern Ireland in just 3 days !!! The next three very convincing outdoor shots of an MK in the rough are from Russian modeller Yigor Sypchenko.

Above;- Brothers David & Paul Green from Oxfordshire both had a crack at our MK bedford kit at the same time. The open back version is Davids build & depicts a BATUS range safety vehicle. The other is from Paul depicting a Gulf War 1 era MK. Both Superb quality builds !

Above;- Top row; Four shots of the Bedford MK review build by Military In Scale Editor Spencer Pollard. Second row; Four shots from Tim Cooper of Affinity Models Stoke On Trent of his first KFS 1/24th kit build. Again, both excellent builds. In the third row four shots from Richard Wilson of his super nice 'in barracks' clean & tidy BAOR green & black MK. Exactly as they were kept when not on exercise or active service.

Above;- These eight images are from ex Royal Signals soldier Tony Mousley of his Ptarmigan equipped Triffid radio relay station, built onto one of our 1/24th Bedford MK kits.. Not only is the model incredibly well detailed, it is also fully functional with pull out equipment pods & demountable masts made in brass. But most incredible of all....this is Tonys first ever model build !!! He is a total novice to the art of model building. Well done Tony : - ))

These next six images are from the KFS bench of an ex MOD MK pressed into service with an imaginary plant hire firm. The shortened MK body carries general stores or a demountable self contained water bowser. The crane is our TQ-14 Hiab 205 unit & the tyres have been swapped out for TQ-81 civilian off road tyres on modified MK wheels.

Above;- Four images from Newport modeller Steve Bellerby of his MK with scratch built 1 ton GS trailer & load, followed by four shots of Tony Thunders MK with tissue/PVA canopy & 1/2 Ton Lightweight.

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his Bedford MK build & then four shots from Czech modeller Jan Sklenicka of his quarry bound water tanker MK


Alvis Saladin Gallery

Above;- Three images of the very first 1/24th scale Saladin test build, in UN livery. A further 5 images of a second Saladin finished in satin deep bronze green & 6 further images of Saladin in Aden colour scheme with cutaway hull & turret to display interior detail. See the Military Section for further close up pictures of the internal hull detail. The next four images are of a superb commission build KFS Saladin built by Chris Meddings. The last five pictures are the same test build model as the first three, reworked after a couple of years.

Above;- Four pics of Tony Thunders Saladin build in Aden cam scheme. And from Jim Staton his UN Saladin

Above; Excellent example of an 'opened Sally' by Satoshi Maeda from Japan


Daimler Ferret Gallery

Above;- A selection of images of the very first two FV701 Ferret Scout Car builds from the KFS bench. Either the Mk2/3 turreted or earlier non turreted liason version can be built from the same kit. See Military Section for full details.

Above, The first four shots are from Chris Bull & the next three from Paul Green. Followed by three more shots of a Ferret from the KFS bench & then two shots of Nick Shuttleworths BATUS range safety Ferret (see MiS for Nicks full Ferret review). The next five are from Tony Thunder with his Ferret finished in a very nice Aden colour scheme.

Above;- A very tastefully converted Ferret by Australian modeller Nick Olliff. The kit has been carefully retrograded to an early Mk1 with rectangular drivers side vision ports & is equipped with a scratch built .303 Bren. Note the altered & opened stowage bins. The next 3 pictures from John Boyes represent Ferrets used in Aden with the mud wings stripped off to help elivate mine blast damage.

Above;- Four pictures of a Mk1 conversion, this tme by former Ferret owner John Boyes, based on his actual vehicle. And, 3 shots of Tony Thunders Berlin Brigade Ferret with the highly complex urban cam scheme. (Scratch built base & wall)

Above:- Two shots from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his Ferret build & 5 shots from Peter Robinson of his BATUS build.

Above;- Four shots from Tony Ashford of his Ferret Mk1/2 conversion with scratchbuilt turret & two shots from Satoshi Maeda from Japan

Above;- Five shots, including some WIP, from Austrian modeller Gerhard Doppelhofer of his UN Mk2

Above;- Three shots of Andre Wards tidy little Ferret

Austin Champ Gallery

Above;- The first pictures of two completed test builds of the FV1801 Austin Champ kit.

Above;- Three shots of Richard Wilsons 16/5th Lancers FFR Champ followed by several shots of a further RMP cargo version from the KFS bench.

Above;- Five shots of Tony Thunders very nicely finished RMP Champ & two shots of Craig Hiscocks Mil-Mod blog Champ

Above. One of our 1/2 ton Sankey Mk1 trailer kits built by Richard Wilson to ccompany his Champ build.


Ordnance BL 5.5" Gun Gallery

Above;- First images of the 5.5" towed howitzer kit TQ-201

And here are several images of Richard Wilsons cracking MilMod blogged build.

Above:- The first two shots are from Scottish modeller Jim Staton of his 5.5" build, followed by four pictures from Paul Green of his Matador & 5.5" gun on tow & solo. Notice the addition of the tarpaulin cover over the sights & breach.


L1/L4/L7 120mm BAT Gallery

Above;- Five initial pictures of the first test build of the TQ209 BAT multikit. This kits builds any one of three version of the 120mm BAT series, the forerunner to the L6 Wombat. From left to right, the L1 BAT with its heavy double layer front shield. The L4 Mobat (Modified BAT) with the trail forward & fitted with a .303" Bren ranging gun. The L7 Conbat (Converted BAT) with trail rear in the towing position & fitted with the M8 .50" spotting rifle.


L6 120mm WOMBAT Gallery

Just 3 images to start with of the first test build of our TQ-210 L6 120mm Wombat & its Lightweight Airportable mounting . See the Military Section for full details.


M40A1 106mm Recoilless Rifle Gallery

Three images to start with of the first test build of our TQ-211 M40 106mm recoiless rifle kit with its dedicated FV1801 Champ mounting kit. Then five images of the same TQ-211 kit mounted in a chopped Aoshimi Misubishi Pajero as a 'Rebel Technical' vehicle.

Above;- From Paul Green, 5 shots of his take on the 'rebel technical' theme using a Toyota Land Cruiser & our TQ-211 106mm Recoiless Rifle kit


Something Different Gallery

Not one of our resin military kits, but worthy of note, an entirely scratch built model except for the KFS tyres. This 1/24th scale JCB410M loader comes from Newport modeller Steve Bellerby, is fully operable & has a tilting engine cover with scratchbuilt engine & gearbox. The tyres are our TQ-143 Michelin XZL items.

From Barlas Pehlivan comes 3 pictures of his truly superbly well detailed TQ179 Rolls Royce Eagle Diesel kit & 4 pictures from Nick Shuttleworth of the K60 Rolls Royce from his FV434 kit, again beautifully detailed

This beast is a fantasy "What If" model. Built just for fun & is simply our take on 'what might have been' if Bedford had survived & continued its association with the defence industry. The model is almost entirely resin & weighs 1.25kg (2.5 lbs) The cab is the KFS TM wide cab sleeper transkit, the body & recovery gear the KFS Holmes 750 conversion. The engine, a 425hp 1693TA. Wheels & tyres, chassis kit, driven front axle & rear axle bogie kit all in resin from the KFS TQ range. There are no more than 10 minor plastic truck kit parts used on the model.

SUPERB Scratch built 1/24th scale Mack NO with Long Tom 155mm howitzer from Welsh modeller Iam Williams... Plus..Ians superb scratch built Oshkosh tanker (tyres c/o KFS)

From Jim Staton, his excellent modified KFS Michigan L190 shovel loader with Caterpillar 1693TA engine

Above;- From CZ modeller Ales Kocvera three shots of his excellent KFS AEC Matador gun tractor, demobbed & now serving as a coal lorry. From Aus modeller Stuart Lapping 3 shots of his demobbed Bedford OXD, using TQ215 & TQ216 sets, now serving as a wrecker & finally 3 shots from Tony Thunder of his prize winning TQ29 Michigan L190 shovel Loader

Above;- Four shots of Nigel Bissetts Leyland DAF 8x6 DROPS, largely scratchbuilt but using our Leyland T45 cab transkit & TQ117 wheels & tyres. Then two shots of 'Spares Box Special' from the KFS bench, a fictional 8x8 military wrecker made from nothing more than left over bits from the spares box. Can you identify the parts ? Then three shots of another completely fictional model built from nothing but spare parts & Evergreen strip. ...a FOUR V8 engine Scania T cab dragster.

Above;- Andy Blanchards award winning Paris-Dakar DAF, taking two firsts & BEST IN SHOW at Gaydon 2019 (tyres c/o/ KFS)


Civilian Vehicle Section

Customer & KFS models with occasional military subjects converted from our civilian vehicle transkits & vice-versa

Legal Notice
The copying or reproduction of ANY parts or products under the ownership of Kit Form Services (KFS) is strictly forbidden. This includes parts & products which are current stock items, parts & products currently discontinued, & parts & products offered through the JunkYard Section of the KFS website as 'surplus to requirement', 'second quality', or 'stock clearance' items. This applies to parts & products being pirated for both commercial gain & for personal use.
Such actions are considered an offence under international copyright law. Any such action establishes grounds for a civil action and may give rise to criminal prosecution. Likewise, no image or photograph may be copied, distributed or disseminated for commercial purposes (i.e E Bay) without written permission.

Report copying & piracy to us

Above;- Our test build of the revised TQ5 Seddon Atkinson Strato conversion kit. Uses a DAF 95 6x4 chassis, TQ5 Conversion & spare TQ168 Leyland Crusader parts from the spares box.

Above;- 10 picturs of without doubt the best build s of our TQ74 Bedford TM & TQ25 Volvo F88/89 Transkits we've ever seen. Both models buillt by Russian modeller Alex Pestrikov. Check out the photo of Uncle Joe in the screen of the F88.

Above;- Four shots of Ashley Coghills truly superb F89 conversion on the KFS TQ25 F88 Transkit & four of Kevin Shanahans KFS modular trailer with double length centre deck & generator load. Plus Paul Franks take on the Foden Phoenix concept conversion as an Aus spec tipper.

Above;- KFS F700 Mack from Austrian modeller Gerhard Doppelhofer. The next five from Steven Ramsey of his KFS TQ170/171/172 Modular trailer build, KFS Bedford KM, KFS AEC/Leyland & TQ5 SA Strato in this case as a rigid & fitted with the KFS TQ33 Hook Loader kit

Above;- From John Holcroft two shots of his lovely AEC Mandator followed by 4 shots of Kevin Shanahans 5 axle Scania with KFS Modular trailer

Above;- Three pictures from Andrew McAslan of his Leyland T45 twin steer, with KFS exhaust stack, in Wimpey livery, & 7 shots from Neil Cooke of his; 3 Series Streamline with KFS wheels, hubs, fifth wheel & tail lights, ; Kingdom Trucks EC Olympic again with KFS wheels, hubs, exhaust stack & spotlights, : & his DAF XT106 using a converted KFS TQ-93 hood kit.

Above;- Three shots from Andrew Spurgeon of his cleverly disguised Seddon Atkinson 400 (actually from a KFS SA 401 kit) & 4 shots from Londonderry Northern Ireland modeller Tony Boyle of his KFS fair ground ERF E Series tug. And from Dirk Vandervoorde his very nice F88 (with converted 'small grill') with tanker trailer.

Above;- 8 Photos from Stephen Ramsey,including his excellent renditionof our Michigan L190 shovel loader & tracked excavator, our TQ154 44 ton 3 axle step frame trailer with a second KFS tracked excavator & a Volvo FM daycab with our very old skip loader kit

Above;- Very nice J.Berger F89 from Hungarian modeller Attila Roszprim, superb Scammell Crusader conversion by Jan Rosecky, & a superbly weathered KFS tracked excavator by Tony Thunder.

Above;- From Austrian modeller Gerhard Doppelhofer six excellent pictures of his middle east Scammell Crusader / Holmes 750 recovery. Built using our TQ-26 Scammell Crusader Transkit & the TQ-30 Holmes 750 kit, with lots of minor alterations along the way & a pivoting rear bogie.

Above;- Something a bit different & very tasty from Ashley Coghill. The famous promotional T45 Leyland from the 1980s based on our resin T45 cab transkit. Followed by 3 pictures of Ashleys Eric Vick middle east ERF based on the Coventry Motor Panels cab, & built using our Scammell Crusader transkit

Above;- 4x2 White Road Commander from NZ modeller Jamie Larn & two shots of Andrew Spurgeons Bedford KM tractor unit with trailer. Followed by 4 pictures of Stuart Lappings Bedford MK work horse with shortened body & Effer crane

Above; Three shots from Paul Green of his 2015 issue KFS TQ52 tracked excavator kit & three shots from Andrew McAslan of his Scania T cab using the KFS TQ79 T cab conversion modified to 4 Series use. From Gareth Robinson a nicely worn & weathered TQ52 tracked excavator this time in disguise as a JCB. From US modeller Kevin Shanahan, 3 pictures of his oilfield Peterbilt pipehauler using KFS TQ94 swamp tyres & 3 pictures of his massive Autocar dumper kitted out with KFS wheels & tyres.

Above; All nine pictures from Andy Blanchard, two of his F88-240 using our TQ25 transkit & four shots of his crew cabbed Scandinavian 2 Series Scania 6x4 heavy equipment transporter. A superb rendition using a host of KFS parts including tyres, oil field winch, exhaust & fifth wheel bed. Finally Andys huge Tractomas kitted out with KFS wheels, tyres & SS46 mini beacons

Above;- All 7 pictures from Aberwhatsit modeller Neil Cooke, using a whole range of KFS parts including; Scania P cab conversion; RHD TG-X dashboard; KFS Pinstriping; SS48 beacons, PE7 exhaust stacks; Alcoa & split rim wheels; & Jost sliding 5th wheel beds & the KFS TQ154 Low Loader trailer.

Above;- From left to right...KFS Bedford TM with truck mounted crane from Italian modeller Flavio Ciao, KFS ERF E Series from Maltese modeller Martin Vella, KFS F88 in Pentons livery from Scott Norwood & finally KFS Ford Transcontinental from Ashley Coghill, with additional work in cutting open the passengers door & reworking the interior to middle east run spec..

Above;- Firstly, three shots of Wim Hoogendoorns prize winning Ford Aeromax with the KFS Holmes wrecking gear & body kit, then two pictures from Peter Neukomm of his KFS White Road Commander II build & finally two pictures from Soren Sorensen of his custom 4 series with trick paint job & KFS tag axle kit.

Above;- Three images of Ian Williams Bedford TM Multi-Drive UN tanker & three images of Ian Coles Blue Circle Cement Scammell Routeman tanker.

Above; Two excellent F88s from Andrew McAslan of Kingdom Trucks, both models using our TQ25 transkit. Followed by a mean 6x6 DAF Cattleman from Andy Blanchard. The DAF wears KFS TQ117 wheels & tyres, TQ70 driven front axle, & also sports our TQ75 Jost fifth wheel & TQ54 twin winch.

Above;- Three shots of the TMW review build of the Italeri Iveco Stralis from the KFS bench & converted to 6x4 format. The model is also fitted with our TQ145 Michelin XDY drive axle tyres. Along side this are two shots of Neil Cookes traditionally liveried Scania which uses a host of KFS aftermarket parts including one of the Scania tag axle kits, wheel trims, Jost sliding 5th wheel & RHD dash.

The next 3 images are all from Peter Hookway & include his second DAF XT build, & his build of our TQ25 Volvo F88 transkit

Above;- Two shots of Mark Reeves nicely weathered Lee Distribution DAF CF from our TQ28a transkit. The blue Ford Transcontinental rigid with drawbar trailer is from Czech modeller Jan Sklenicka, the 4x2 rigid DAF CF from Australian modeller Dion Chambers, (again using our TQ28a transkit) & the lovely DAF XT (TQ93) & scratch built cattle trailer from Sauchen modeller Harry Thomson

Above;- The first two from Sebastian Sommer of his day cabbed Ford CL9000 modified from our TQ sleeper transkit. Next a Mk2 Atkinson in Guiness livery & Iveco EuroTech 8x4 heavy hauler both from Austrian modeller Gerhard Dopplehofer. Next are three shots of Czech modeller Michal Gregors superbly weathered & worn F89.

Above;- First two images are of the test builds for the TQ-98 & 99 Bedford KM & TK chassis cab kits. Two shots from Peter Kite of his Autocar Brutus using parts from AITM & KFS.

Above;- A superbly clean build of our White Road Commander II kit by US modeller Mark Yoder, then from Greece a Scania R twin steer from Kyriakos Lampropoulos using the TQ78 Scania Twn Steer Conversion. A Renault Magnum / DAF XT Hybrid from UK modeller Mick Russell, TQ25 Volvo F88 kit converted to a daycab wrecker by Eric Fontein & 3 shots of a KW K500 by Filip D'Hondt using the TQ10 XF flat roof.

Above;- Superb White Road Commander II from Pascal Cantaluppi using the TQ-45 transkit, then two shots of Roland Guerins DAF CF using the TQ-28a transkit (check out the murals !!). The big bad DAF XT also comes from Roland Guerin & the TQ-25 Volvo F88 6x4/240 by Co.Durham modeller Tony Silliker. Next are two shots from New Zealander Kelvin Hale of his 8x4 Volvo FH with scratch built trailer carrying the KFS TQ52 tracked excavator.

Above;- Mk2 Atkinson from Ron Bennett. Then two shots of the stunning DAF XT conversion by Peter Hookway. The trailer & dolly in this model are scratchbuilt & the Michigan L190 load is the KFS kit. Finally two from TMW editor Peter White of his SA401 transkit in Prestons livery & a converted KFS Iveco EuroTech in 6 wheel tipper format.

Above;- All from the KFS bench. Two shots of the KFS TQ74 Bedford TM wide sleeper cab transkit test build. . Next are two shots of a Scammell Routeman II flatbed. Followed by the first test build of the KFS TQ93 DAF XT conversion kit, a mythical beast based on the DAF XF105. The last three pictures are off a well worked & tired International 9670 daycab short hauler by Sebastian Sommer, built using the KFS TQ57 full sleeper kit seen in the block below.

Top Row;- From the KFS bench Scania R500 6x2 twinsteer with Andover forklift carrier, & Scania R Series P cab 6x2 rigid. The green E Series ERF & the Scammell Routeman are both from TMW editor Peter White. Second Row;- First three from Essex modeller Darren Farrow, a pair of Leyland Marathons, Iveco Eurotech 6x2 & Scammell Crusader.Then the red International 9670 is the test build of the KFS TQ57 transkit. Bottom Row;- Ford Transcontinental from the KFS bench, Atkinson Searcher wrecker from Dave Griffiths & Mack F700 by Italian modeller Alessandro Merlo, another superb F Model by Ron Bennett & finally an IH9670 by Brian Fisher. 13 out of 14 models here built using KFS resin transkits !!

Above;- Early Volvo F88 240 by Soren Sorensen, stunning model with tilting cab. Built using the KFS F88 transkit. Two from the KFS bench, Robert Burns FH tag axle & Spar liveried FM. Then a beautiful ERF A Series by Andy Carson. Here Andy has converted the 'axle back' KFS transkit to 'axle forward' 8 wheeler spec. Next 2 shots of a Scammell Routeman II tipper from the KFS bench.

Above; ERF ECS conversion (KFS kit) by Andy Keith. Then by Rob Morrison of Scaletrux Ltd, a DAF CF cattle float, Scania Longline, Foden Alpha logger tractor & trailer, an MAD Mega windmill trailer in Collets livery & yet another Alpha logger also by Rob Morrison, this time a rigid with drawbar trailer. Followed by three views of our TQ-74 Bedford TM transkit superbly built & converted to a 6 wheel rigid by Charles Trace. The Killingbecks Buccaneer chinese 6 tractor unit is also by Charlie Trace & uses out TQ-56 Mk2 Atkinson kit suitably altered with the 'dog kennel' sleeper. Next a very nice build indeed of a middle east spec F88 from Tony Christie. And finally another Knowles from Charlie Trace, this time a TM wide daycab converted from the KFS sleeper kit.

All New KFS Holmes 750 kit built by Howard Whitehead on Ford Aeromax 120 daycab. (See TQ Section) Plus a KFS Seddon Atkinson 401 converted to day-cab & fitted with the KFS Holmes 750 gear by Dave Griffiths. Two views of the new KFS Scania Longline conversion kit test build. White Trux F88 by Chris'Wolfie'Cooper, CP28 TTL fire appliance by Brendan Hale from Taiwan. Scania R500 T cab & Scania R500 Longline both by Geert Jooken & the yellow DAF CF by Emmanuel Bertelot from France.

Five from the KFS bench, Bartrums Mercedes Actros with Fruehauf tipper trailer, 8x4 Scania R500 tractor, ERF ECT conversion with curtainsider trailer, Volvo FH with fridge trailer & 6x2 MAN TG-A. The bottom pictures shows a completed MAD Mega Windmill trailer kit....total length 60 inches, a Scania 6x4 with scratchbuilt ejector trailer in Thomas Waste Management livery & a Moody Transport Iveco Stralis in 1/24th scale made using the Eligor 1/24 diecast model.

Top row;- Superb Ford CL9000 using the KFS kit by Midlands modeller Brian Fisher & KFS White Road commander II transkit also by Brian Fisher. Next 3 pictures of a stunning build of the KFS Ford CL9000 built by Swiss modeller Peter Neukomn.

Bottom row;- Three shots of the first test build of the KFS F Model Mack Transkit & a shot of Brian Fishers review model using the KFS Holmes 750 body & gear kit.

Three shots of the KFS Ford CL-9000 transkit. 110" Sleeper cab with chrome photoetch & chromed white metal parts. Tilt cab, vac formed glazing, waterslide decals supplied with kit. See TQ Section. Model by Howard Whitehead. Then, underneath, a 'truckstop' lineup with two from Brian Fisher & the blue White RC-2 from KFS. The stripey Ford CL9000 comes from Italian modeller Alessandro Merlo while the black Ford is by Mathias Peutz.

On the bottom row, two shots of a Kingdom Trucks Volvo FM daycab with a KFS hook loader kit, plus in the centre, a KFS TQ-5 R Series shape Scania P cab sleeper on an 8 wheel rigid with a converted (Palfinger) KFS Hiab 205 crane. On the right, two shots of the KFS Mack F model Daycab transkit first test build, fitted with an old KFS long barrel mixer kit.

Top Row... The old original KFS Holmes 750 wrecker by Dave Griffiths, & a SA401 by Roger Bennett. Two shots of the TMW review Trunker by Peter White. KFS F88 modified by Patrick Van Kuyk & a superb Atki Defender by Roger Bennett & two shots of Andy Lees award winning ERF E Series in Brian Harris livery.

The Christian Salvesen DAF CF (top row) is by Alan Ratcliffe & uses the KFS TQ28 transkit. A Scammell 8x4 Routeman III & a 4x2 Handyman wrecker with Harvey Frost crane from the KFS bench using the Trunker transkit. Foden Alpha day cab by Andre Ward, built using the KFS Alpha kit & a KFS HIAB 205 crane kit. The 6x4 Atkinson MkII is also Andre Wards & uses the mixer body from an ERTL Paystar & a KFS Mk2 Atki kit. Very nice DAF CF road train from NZ modeller Neil Shayler, then two shots a superb Mk2 Atkinson Borderer by Nick Shuttleworth using our TQ56 trankskit.

From top;- Seddon Atkinson 401 8 wheeler by Peter White, ERF ECT also by Peter White, two shots of the KFS F10 transkit by KFS. Middle row are three from Peter White, a KFS 4 series Scania P day cab with skip loader kit, a Scammell Crusader in Wynns livery & his Volvo F88, both KFS transkits. Plus two shots of the 2nd issue KFS Iveco EuroTech / Seddon Atkinson Strato transkit by KFS. Same model showing high & low roof options included. On the bottom row, three shots of a Mack Superliner from the KFS bench & two views of the TQ-49 Scammell Trunker II transkit test build.

Early KFS Scammell Crusader transkit & KFS Leyalnd Marathon transkit, both from the KFS bench. Second row shows the TQ ERF ECT conversion, the TQ Volvo F88 transkit, the TQ ERF ECS conversion. Bottom row are 3 shots of the KFS Michigan L190 shovel loader. All of this bunch by Howard Whitehead.

Nine more by Howard Whitehead, the LSS Hook Loader model kit uses the KFS Scania P cab & TQ Hook Loader kit. The LSS skip truck also uses the KFS Scania P daycab kit with a scratch built skip body. The Vauxhall DAF CF uses the TQ transkit & a scratchbuilt double-deck trailer.The C&D Technologies Volvo VN is built virtually from the box but has a scratch built US style trailer & one piece graphics.

Two Leyand Marathons in piggyback format. One cut down to a day cab but both are from the KFS transkit. DAF XF 6x4 with KFS Nooteboom trailer built for Nooteboom, another XF in 6x2 format in SW Transport livery, a Mercedes Actros 6x2 in the gold 50th anniversary livery of Massey Wilcox & finally the TQ5a Scania R Series daycab transkit with scratchbuilt trailer in Waitrose livery.

Three shots of Welsh modellers Ian Williams prize winning British Army Scammell S26. Using the KFS Leyland T45 transkit, Hiab 205 crane, clamshell bucket & MPT-3 wheels. Ian took best in show Gaydon 2004 plus Best Weathered & Best Resin Transkit with this model. The next 7 shots show the unloading process of the Scammell S26 8x6 DROPS built by Ian Williams. A stunning model packed with detail & later equipped with a drawbar trailer. The model as built using the KFS Leyland T45 transkit, a modified KFS Hook Loader kit & MPT3 wheels.

Top row shows 4 x 2 Scania P sleeper cab with resin cab kit, 6x2 tag axle Scania P sleeper cab, modified Seddon Atkinson Strato day cab from KFS conversion kit & 8x4 Scania Topline wrecker using Italeri tractor unit & Revell Pete 379 wrecker

Bottom row shows 2 views of Belgian NP Models Scania T cab conversion on 6x2 tag axle chassis with scratch built tanker. Two shots of the first test build of the KFS Scania CP28 crewcab transkit, a TDG MAN TG-A with Kleenex step frame curtain trailer, & a DAF XF SC with scratch built brick loader & KFS Hiab 205 crane

All of this bunch by Howard Whitehead

An early KFS KW SAR transkit with scratch built double conical tanker trailer. An 8x4 daycab DAF CF tipper using the KFS transkit. 8x4 Volvo FH with 5 axle Nooteboom trailer & 2 axle interdolly in TDR livery. A 6x4 Scania with scratch built King trailer, also in TDR livery. A 10 x 4 MAN wrecker with Vulcan wrecking gear for a customer in Norway. A DAF CF 8x4 sleeper cabbed tipper with bulk blower body. A Tamiya 1/14th RC model. DAF XF105 in PalletForce livery with scratchbuilt aero trailer. Another DAF CF 6x2 CF with scratch built Fruehauf tipper trailer. All the aforementioned from the KFS bench..........Finally, a superb Leyland T45 twin steer tractor by Mark Reeve using the KFS transkit

Three views of Peter Whites smashing DAF wrecker fitted with the new KFS Holmes 750 recovery equipment kit.And on the bottom row two of three 'Barnard' fleet vehicles also from Peter White. Both use KFS transkits & appeared in TMW reviews. (the 3rd Barnard in the fleet was the DAF CF)

Three views of superbly well done Michigan L190, nicely weathered & cleverley photographed by James Vaitkevicus

First ever test build of the DAF CF transkit. Two views of the KFS Foden Alpha transkit, built as a high roof 6x2 & a flat roof tipper. First test build of the Seddon Atkinson 401 conversion from the KFS TQ kit, first test build of the ERF E Series conversion from the KFS TQ kit & a Volvo F89 built & converted from the KFS TQ kit by Ted Taylor. This model also won the trophy for "Best Weathered" at the 2003 Gaydon Model Show

Top row;- Blakemans Volvo FH & British Sugar DAF CF by Howard Whitehead using KFS CF transkit, Volvo F88 wrecker by Erik Fontein using KFS F88 transkit, first test build of Leyland T45 transkit by Howard Whitehead.

Middle row;- Wrefords ERF E Series by Charlie Trace using KFS transkit & a Ford Transcontinental wrecker by Brendan Hale using the KFS Ford Tc transkit & the KFS Holmes 750 wrecker kit

Bottom row;- Two shots from Tony Christie of his SA401 built from the KFS transkit

Roll on Roll Off Hook Loader kit on Volvo FM daycab 8x4 chassis, John Owens 6x4 Foden Alpha & Weightlifter tipper trailer, two heavy haulage rigs for TDR Transport with Michigan shovel loader, plus a rear view of a scratch built 4 axle Nooteboom Euro 78/04 trailer fitted to the Scania T cab. The tracked excavator is the new KFS TQ-52 machine. This bunch by Howard Whitehead.

Top Row. The KFS Mk2 Atkinson conversion kit covers all variants from Borderer (shown) to Venturer. Test build model by Howard Whitehead. On the right the KFS ERF A Series transkit & on the bottom row two views of the KFS White Road Commander II transkit test build. The red International 9670 comes from Swiss modeller Pascal Cantalupi & the Mack F700 from Peter Coulthart. The lovely metallic blue Ford CL9000 is from German modeller Thomas Bauer & the one with side tip trailer from another Swiss modeller Markus Boesch. The Transhaul Scania from the KFS bench.

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