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'News In Brief' (Topics)

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0) IMPORTANT. New e mail address with immediate effect is .... info@kitformservices.com

1) We've been at it for 30 years

2) FV438 Swingfire conversion

3) Series 2A Land Rover Ambulance

4) FV701 Ferret Vigilante conversion

5) Planned Transkit re-issues for 2017 (Leyland / Scammell)

6) NEW Flemming Pedersen printed vinyl mudflap range.

7) Planned re-issue of Bedford TK / KM chassis cab kits

8) English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 SAGM

9) New FV432 Track sets

10) FV432 81mm Mortar Conversion

11) New parts for the Truck Range

12) Seddon Atkinson Strato Conversion

13) TQ-50 Euro 78/04 trailer kit

14) TQ-184 & TQ185 Reversible wheels with 14.00R24.5 Continental Tyres

15) TQ-8 AEC Mandator Transkit

16) Possible re-release of Foden Alpha, & International 9670. Views please.

17) Mercedes Benz MP4 RHD dashboard conversion kit

18) Local post office closure, post runs now reduced to twice weekly

19) Bedford TK 8 stud 4 slot wheels (limited edition)

20) Postal rates inland & international


NEWS IN DETAIL (By Topic Number)

1) Insert date 3/1/2017

2017 Sees the 30th anniversary of KFS which formed officially on 1st March 1987. We would like to sincerley thank all the valued customers who have been with us from the start or joined us along the way. We would like also to mention & remember bygone friends & customers & those who have already shuffled off to the great model shop in the sky.

Being as no one goes on forever....we would also like to plant this thought....either at, or before our 40th anniversary in 2027, KFS will eventually be up for sale either as a going concern with all its stock & master patterns... or possibly as two ventures involving the Civilian Range & the Military Range.


2) Insert date 10/08/2017

Test builds & instructions now well underway. Release sheduled for September all being well. Retail UK £59.00 (£49.16 export)

Insert date 24/1/17

The latest conversion package for our FV432 APC kit is the FV438 Swingfire wire guided anti-tank missile kit. Master patterns by Jon Bottomley are now completed & etch design is underway. In our opinion this is Jons finest piece of work & is incredibly well detailed yet straightforward to build. This will make a superb addition to our range of FV432 conversions.


3) Insert date 10/08/2017

Master patterns are now approaching completion. We hope to have these in house late August to commence the final leg, ; etchwork, decals, casting & test builds.

Insert date 3/1/2017

Master pattern work by David Jane is due to start in May on the next 'whole kit' from our Classis Cold War military range. This being the venerable series 2a Land Rover Ambulance. More news & pictures on completion of the master patterns.


4) Insert date 3/1/2017

All being well, with funds & time allowing, it is our intention during 2017 to commission Jon Bottomley to produce a Vigilante anti-tank missile conversion for our Mk2/3 Ferret kit & possibly the Mk5 Ferret-Swingfire. More news later.


5) Insert date 10/8/2017

The full production run of Leyland T45 & Leyland Marathon transkits has now been completed. All reserved kits have now been despatched or arranged. We then have a small number of each still available for general sale on first come first served basis. This will be the last production run for the next 4 years so grab them now while you can.

Insert date 22/6/2017

Production of the Leyland Marathon & T45 transkits are now nearing completion. Release could be early - mid July now rather than late July. Reserved customer will be contacted by e mail as soon the kits are ready.

Insert date 3/1/2017

A little later in 2017, probably June / July time we intend to re-issue the Leyland Marathon & Leyland T45/Scammell S26 cab transkits. More news & a confirmed release date & price asap. Feel free to e mail your interest & make a reservation now. Only reserve what you intend to buy though. No Time Wasters Please


6) Insert date 21/4/2017

Due in stock before end of April are a new range of printed vinyl truck & trailer mudflaps from Flemming Pedersen (Denmark) The new range covers Scania / DAF / Volvo / Iveco / MAN. Full details & pictures on the Special Supplies page as soon as stock arrives. (NOW IN STOCK)


7) Insert date 10/8/2017

All TK & KM kits are now SOLD OUT

Insert date 22/6/2017

All TQ98 Bedford TK kits are now sold out or reserved for the last few customers awaiting payment. The final 30 TQ99 Bedford KM kits will be ready to go by 2nd week of July. Currently there is just 1 KM kit unreserved (22/6/17).

Insert date 3/1/2017

Re-release of the Bedford TK chassis cab kit is on target for mid May. The Bedford KM re-release is running slightly later than planned & is now scheduled for June. For reservations for either kit please contact KFS on the usual e mail address. No Time Wasters Please. Only reserve it if you intend to buy it!!.


8) Insert Date 22/5/2017

Mk2 Thunderbird SAM kits are now IN STOCK.

Insert date 1/5/2017

Pictures are now available in Military Section of the first & second pre-production test build of the Thunderbird SAGM. More pictures of a complete & painted version in due course. New pictures now in the Military Range & Gallery

Its a KFS first. As far as we know, we are the first company ever to produce a 1/24th scale model surface to air guided missile. The English Electric Thunderbird surface to air guided missile was adopted by the British army as a highly mobile air defense weapon & served until 1977 before the last battery was re-equipped with the Rapier system. It ran for many years in direct competition with the similar looking Bloodhound system that was developed by Bristol & ordered for the RAF. At battery strength, the 4 missile transporter/launcher trailers would be towed by Bedford RL prime movers. The battery also consisted of 6 generator trailers for power & hydraulics, 2 radar trailers & 4 missile re-supply trailers. The launcher could be re-loaded with another missile from the re-supply trailer, without the aid of a crane. The black & white photograph (3rd from left on the Military page description) shows a missile turned through 90 degrees & being man handled onto the launcher from the re-supply trailer.

Our comprehensive kit offers the complete missile with its 4 wheel transporter/launcher trailer. Axles can be removed & the launcher lowered to the ground. Temporary pictures now in the Military Section.

To give a idea of size, the missile alone is 268mm from tip to tail. Kit price £140.00 inc vat for UK & Europe & £116.66 for export.


9) Insert date 10/1/17

We now have available complete sets of the latest version of the FV432 track links. These have been slightly redesigned from the original white metal links & are now cast in resin as per the latest issue of the FV432. These are aimed at the scratch builder & anyone wishing to replace the metal links from their original 432 kit with more 'user friendly' items. A full set consists of 100 left & 100 right hand links. Easy to drill & assemble using 0.5mm brass rod.

Priced £28.00 per set.


10) Insert date 3/1/2017

81mm Mortar Conversion for FV432. After an earlier false start due to etch parts issues, we can now confirm the TQ226 kit is in stock. See Military Range for further details & pictures.

The kit includes a complete set of internal ammo racking & some 57 twin ammo containers making for 114 rounds in all. Several containers will be provided as opened/used with separate Illuminating & HE rounds for display. Master patterns are by Jon Bottomley & are well up to his usual highly detailed standards.


11) Insert date 10/8/2017

All of the following are now completed & have reached stock.

Insert date 22/6/2017 New Truck Parts;-

The York Big D & the 6 new fuel tank kits mentioned in 1) & 5) below are expected in stock first week of July. The headboards, wings & hubs mentioned in 2) 3) & 4) below are now in the moulding & casting phase & we should have samples for photographs by mid July.

Insert date 21/4/2017 New Truck Parts;-

Following a straw poll of truck modellers on the KFS Facebook site, we can now announce some of the forthcoming new truck part releases for the next three to four months;-

1) We have a total of 6 new fuel tanks in various sizes & shapes including an all new Scania 141 tank, some all new 2 & 3 Series tanks, a generic rectangular tank & two round tanks with separate brackets. Pictures & details when available Casting now underway.

2) We have two new headboard designs on the way, one all new mastered traditional Hatcher style, will available in 2 sizes & one 'Dutch' style ideal for modern high roof vehicles, also available in 2 sizes. Pictures & details when available. Masters now completed & sent for casting.

3) We have a total of four new wing designs which include half round & double axle chequer plate wings, plus two sizs of smooth half round wings to suit our TQ116 & TQ62 low loader wheels & tyres. All 4 new sets of wings come with mounting brackets. Pictures & details when available. Masters now completed & sent for casting.

4) We have EIGHT new drive & trailer axle hubs to supplement or replace those already on the range. These include at 3 sets of heavy duty hub reduction types. Pictures & details when available. Masters now completed & sent for casting.

5) We also have a very nice, very traditional, York Big D fifth wheel turntable kit which is just about to go for casting. Pictures & details when available. Casting now underway.

6) Moving forwards from there into the second half of the year, we also have several ideas for the new Italeri Mercedes MP4 kit, new decal sets, more wheel & tyre designs & other minor items besides. (see 17)


12) Insert date 31/5/17 Master patterns are now completed for the Seddon Atkinson Strato & have been despatched for casting already. We hope hope to be able to offer a price in the next few weeks. No advance ordering is needed, these will be on stock for some time.

Insert date 17/5/17 Now confirmed is TQ-5, a Seddon Atkinson Strato mini transkit, set for release around August all being well. A Simple 10 part TQ Resin conversion kit for the Italeri DAF 95 cab. Consisting of flat roof, RHD dashboard, bumper, under-bumper spoiler, battery box, air cleaner, & corner air deflectors. Includes 4 bumper spoiler spotlights, etched metal front grill & 'A' badge. Plus door badges & intercooler decals. May be used with the flat roof supplied or the kits own SpaceCab roof. The TQ5 kit will also supply the basis for the SA Strato 35 ton military prime mover. More details as the project proceeds.


13) Insert Date 22/3/17 All 60 78/04 kits are now sold. Many thanks to all who took part in this years re-issue.

Insert Date 14/3/17 We are now in the process of packing & despatching the last 20 kits. After encountering about 6 time wasters who have decided to drop out (even though they've had 6 months to save for the kit) we have a further 6 kits available on a first come first served basis.

Insert Date 8/3/17 All 60 kits are now in stock & packing is underway. We are contacting all reserved customers by e mail, in list order, as kits are packed & made ready.

Insert Date 3/1/2017 The re-release of this huge kit is now confirmed. Stock expected Jan/Feb 2017...... all 60 of the production run of 60 are now reserved. However we are still accepting names for the back up list in case anyone drops out. E mail us to reserve a kit asap.


14) Insert date 3/1/2017

New 14.00R24.5 Split Rim & Spyder wheels with new Continental tyres are now in stock. Details of how to use them, pictures & prices now in the TQ Section.

Now in the middle stages of production are two new wheel & tyres sets which are aimed largely at the scratch builder & kit basher.

TQ-184 is ideal for Scammell Contractor size vehicles with its all new 55mm x 15mm Continental 14.00R24.5" road tyres & a separate reversible wheel which can be used for both steer & drive applications, it having steer wheel detail on one side & Scammell hub reduction hubs on the other. Full details of how to use this split rim combo with pictures on its release.

TQ-185 follows the same theme as above but with a heavy 6 spoke spyder wheel format. Again with 14.00R24.5 Continental road tyres & a separate wheel with a steer spyder one side & a drive spyder/hub reduction on the other. Ideal for those big Kenworth & Autocar oil field & logging rigs. Full details of how to use this spyder rim combo with pictures on its release.

Other tyre tread patterns may also be available in the same 14.00R24.5 size in due course.


15) Insert date 10/8/2017

The second production run is now just getting underway. 59 of 60 are reserved, so we are now adding any further reservation requests to a back up list.

Insert date 31/5/17 55 of the first run of 63 Mandator kits have now been despatched to customers. The other 8 are reserved while we contact the remaining 'first run' customers or complete orders to go with the kits. The second production run will be underway shortly & should be available in August. The second run reservation list is also filling up fast so please reserve by e mail ASAP. No Time Wasters Please

Insert date 22/5/2017

Packing of the first 63 Mandator kits is due to start today (22/5) & we will be contacting all reserved kit customers over the next week to arrange payment & despatch.

Insert Date 8/4/2017

Pictures are now available in the TQ Section of the first test build of the AEC Mandator since we took over production. All 60 of the first production run have been reserved & a second run has been commissioned to follow asap. Due for release mid May

Insert date 3/1/2017

We are happy to report that we have taken over production of the Kingdom Trucks AEC Mandator kit with the Ergomatic cab. The revised master pattern work is completed & the kit has been despatched for casting. More news, content pictures & price ASAP


16) Insert Date 22/6/17

Re-Release of the Foden Alpha & International 9670 transkits are now confirmed for early November. Prices are also confirmed at; Alpha £75.00 (£62.50 for export) & International 9670 £89.00 (£74.16 for export)

Insert Date 31/5/17 Providing time & funds allow we may well be able to re-release one or two further transkits in time for Christmas 2017. We have been asked about a) the Foden Alpha & b) the International 9670. If you are interested in either kit, please let us know by e mail & we will start a new reservation list for each. Further details in TQ & Discontinued Transkits sections.


17) Insert date 22/6/17

The Mercedes MP4 RHD conversion is now in stock (See TQ Section) £9.50. Masers are also almost completed for an MP4 6x4 double drive set & rear wings. More details on these later.


Insert date 31/5/17 In conjunction with M&G Mouldings, we will shortly be stocking their ME6 Mercedes Benz MP4 right hand drive conversion kit. This is an M&G product & will be sold at the same price. Includes dash & floorpan portion, steering box conversion, kerb mirror conversion & wipers.


18) Insert date 10/8/2017

With effect from 11th August 2017 our local Post Office here in the village is closing. As this was within easy walking distance, we could make daily (sometimes twice daily) post runs with ease. The nearest PO is now a 10 mile round trip by car & will only be carried out twice weekly. We apologise for any inconvenience or shipping delays involved.


19) Insert date 31/8/2017 Now in stock. Very limited edition sets of our Bedford TK 8 stud 4 slot wheels. Set of 7 ....2 steer, 2 drive inner, 2 drive outer & a spare = £19.00 GBP see TQ Section, wheel & tyre sub section.


20) Insert date 09/9/2017 The following two extracts form part of our Standard Terms & Conditions found in Ordering & Payments;-


The following paragraphs on Payments, Shipping, Postage Costs, VAT Discount & Claims forms our STANDARD TERMS & CONDITIONS. By placing an order by post, fax, e mail or telephone you automatically agree to the TERMS & CONDITIONS set out below.


Important information on Inland & International package values & tracking.

New information...With effect from 9th September 2017 ALL items of mail, both inland & international, regardless of value, will be despatched using;-

  • Recorded First Class or Next Day Special delivery for inland items
  • Tracked & Signed For or Tracked or Signed For airmail for international orders. (The service used will depend on the destination country & the delivery system that country uses)
  • Delivery tracking numbers will be available for all items on request should there be a delivery or customs delay.

(Be advised that Royal Mail do not consider an item of inland mail to be lost until 21 working days have expired. Therefore please allow a minimum of 14 days at least before advising us of non delivery. (WE DO NOT REPLACE UNDELIVERED ITEMS UNTIL THE FULL 21 WORKING DAYS ARE EXPIRED)


All new releases & re-stocking of current items are subject to time & funds restraints, KFS is after all, a one man operation !!

01205 480766 (UK) ........0044 1205 480766 (Overseas)


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