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Note for new visitors to this site. Everything we stock is for 1/24th scale, including this new Classic British Military Vehicle section. Sorry, but we do not cater for ANY of the smaller 1/76, 1/48, 1/35, or the larger 1/16th scales.

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1/24th Scale Classic British Military Vehicles

(& Accessories)




What we are about & why we are producing 1/24th scale military kits instead of 1/35th scale like everyone else;-

After 30 years of producing high quality civilian truck related kits & products, KFS has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service, superb quality products, & affordable prices. In 2009, after a 25 year break from military modelling I decided to persue & produce a line of high quality military kits from my own era of army service. Having considered the so called 'universal scale' of military modelling (1/35th) & having looked at what other companies were producing, I decided that I could offer something bigger, & of a much higher quality, albeit in a more limited range of products.

As we are already very familiar with 1/24th scale, this is where our 'scale loyalty' now lies. The kits we produce are extensively researched & of an extremley high standard in all areas. Master patterns are produced by the UKs very best pattern makers. Casting is undertaken professionally out of house, by the best resin casters in the country. Waterslide decals are produced in traditional high quality silk screen printing. Brass etchwork is carefully designed to be user friendly without the use of special folding widgets & is professionally & expertly produced. The larger scale allows for more fine detail to be incorporated & this translates into detail that can be seen & identified for what it is, rather than just a vague blob of representative resin you might expect on smaller scales.

Best of all there are no moulding blocks to saw off, no air bubbles & no voids to fill due to careless casting. We do not supply kits with broken parts, deformed parts, the wrong parts, missing parts, or parts that don't fit (occasional human error not withstanding). Our photographic & fully explained instructions are the best in the business, & we are always readily available at the end of the telephone or e mail to answer any questions.

In doing so, we now offer a growing range of very high quality Cold War Classic British Military Vehicles & Weapon Systems. We do not seek to change the world, or change the opinions of devout 1/35th scale builders. But if you have not seen one of our kits in the flesh, or better yet actually tried one, then perhaps spare a thought, & treat yourself to something far better than the rest. All that said, we invite you to view the Gallery & see what other builders have created with our kits.


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TQ-229 BAC Bloodhound Mk2

Our latest 1/24th British Cold War Series kit.... a BAC Bloodhound Mk2 launcher & missile. This very carefully researched kit has only been possible with the extensive help of research consultant Richard Vernon of the Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group.

A TQ Range, very high quality polyurethane resin cast construction kit consisting of; 75 part in polyurethane resin, 74 parts in white metal & 129 parts in etched brass. Includes optional waterslide decals for pre 1971 white missiles & post 1971 green RAF, Swiss & Swedish missiles with a 6 page colour marking supplement. Piping & wiring diagrams plus all required materials included.

Total height 294mm. Missile length 346mm.

£250.00 GBP In Stock




TQ-FV432 Mk2/1 APC

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the venerable FV430 series coming into service with the British Army in 1963 (& still in service today), we now offer the GKN FV432 Mk 2/1 APC. The model is fully detailed inside & out, complete with folding crew seats, detailed drivers station, Larkspur C42 radios, removable engine decks & a lift out K60 power pack. All doors & hatches are working...rear door, commanders hatch, drivers hatch, folding mortar hatch & front access panel. For complete accuracy & the highest level of fine detail, the tracks & sprockets have been CAD drawn & Rapid Prototyped & the tracks are cast in resin as individual links. Etched mesh parts are included to create a range of roof stowage baskets. Pre-coloured clear cast lights & a complete 28 page pictorial instruction booklet are included. The inclusive decal set includes a 'common to all 432 vehicles' section, plus markings for specific theatres including UN, BATUS, BAOR, Gulf, Bosnia & FV432 ambulance markings, for those wishing to tackle the quite simple conversion from APC to ambulance role. Further conversion kit (see below) include the FV432/30 Rarden Turret, Peak GPMG Turret, FV438 Swingfire ATGW, & 81mm Mortar conversions.

Model length 215mm (81/2 "), Width 125mm not including mirrors (5"), Height 85mm, hatches closed & not including the GPMG (31/2 "). The parts count stands at;- 287 parts in the usual very high quality polyurethane resin of which 200 are track links (176 for use with 24 spare), 150 in white metal, 337 in photo-etched brass, of which, 100 are detail bolt heads with plenty of spares.

£260.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for more pictures of customers FV432 builds.


With the next 16 FV432 kits (just 2 left now) we are offering a FREE (yes free) TQ-213Peak GPMG Turret.. or.. TQ-226 81mm Mortar.. or.. TQ-227 FV438 Swingfire conversion kit.

TQ-226 81mm Mortar Conversion for FV432

This highly detailed resin & white metal conversion kit includes; the complete 81mm mortar & base plate mounting for FV432, plus etched brass ammo racks & no fewer than 57 twin ammo tubes to complete the full bomb load. Five bomb tube sets are provided 'open' with separate caps plus 5 rounds of HE / Smoke & 5 rounds of Illuminating mortar round Plus marking decals to suit. Full pictorial instructions included.

£46.00 GBP In Stock

SALE, was £60.00 GBP now £46.00 In Stock

(Currently being offered FREE with the FV432 APC kit)

Below;- Six photos courtesy of Nigel Fletcher of his excellent Royal Anglians 1/24th KFS FV432 fitted with the TQ-226 81mm Mortar Conversion.




TQ-227 FV438 Swingfire ATGW Conversion for FV432

The latest, & quite superb, conversion kit for our FV432 APC kit. Incredibly well detailed inside & out, yet easy to build. The kit includes the later type armoured rear bins, reversed rear door, optional periscope sight position, fully detailed turret interior, missile re-supply bins, detailed sight & firing controls, crew seating & Swingfire missile. A small number of etched brass parts, waterslide decals. Several display options & full instructions included.

£39.00 GBP In Stock

SALE, was £59.00 now £39.00 In Stock

(Currently being offered FREE with the FV432 APC kit)


The above selection of pictures are extracts from the instruction set & pictures of the first test build as a cut-away model. The rocket flare of the missile in flight is created with a 5mm white LED & cotton wool .




TQ-213 Peak Turret Conversion for FV432

This superbly well detailed 53 part conversion by Jon Bottomley, includes the mortar hatch conversion plate with its own separate hatch, fully detailed split turret with separate hatch, smoke dischargers, 7.62 GPMG, gunners seat, sights & all controls.

£19.00 GBP In Stock

SALE, was £25.00 now £19.00 In Stock

(Currently being offered FREE with the FV432 APC kit)




TQ-224 Rarden Turret Conversion for FV432

Another superb FV432 conversion kit from Jon Bottomley. 50 parts in high quality polyurethane resin, 75 parts in white metal, aluminium tube barrel & turned brass flash eliminator plus tinted decals for external optics. A beautiful kit just dripping with detail inside & out.

£40.00 GBP In Stock

SALE, was £45.00 now £40.00 In Stock

Above FV432/30 model built by Bury St Edmunds modeller Nigel Fletcher




TQ-FV434 Carrier Maintenance Tracked REME

This intricately detailed model based on our FV432 chassis is another superb addition to the 430 family. Fully detailed inside & out, having the same lift out K60 pack feature as the FV432 & with a fully operating HIAB crane, opening rear boot, hollow stowage bins, folding walkway panels, folding rear work bench & vice, optional extra front stowage bin, & a full compliment of pioneer tools, gun planks & jerry cans.

The formerly white metal track links are this time produced in resin for easier assembly. The parts count is virtually identical to the FV432 above having 289 in resin & 148 in white metal plus 3 brass etch frets, pre coloured lights, beacon & crane hydraulic piping. Length ;240mm, width; 125mm & height; 120mm overall.

£275.00 GBP Temporarily Sold Out. More available October 2020

See Our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV434




TQ-FV622 HMLC 6x6 Alvis Stalwart Mk2

Stalwart was our first kit in this series of 1/24th scale highly detailed classic post war British military vehicles. The Stalwart kit parts count amounts to some 350 items including a substantial brass photo-etched fret. The decal set includes dashboard gauges, data plates, a range of number plates & unit markings for QOH BAOR Hohne 1973. The main hull is a hollow one piece casting @ 10.5" long, complete with bevel box & drive shaft detail, separate radiators & fan belts, separate cab top section, fully detailed cab interior with dash & all controls including marine controls, very highly detailed Rolls Royce B81 engine complete with air filters, gearbox, PTO, Dowty swim jets (all coupled up by relative propshafts). Fuel tank, oil tank, hydraulic tank, air tanks. Removable decking, optional positioning for side & rear body panels. Following requests from customers, Stalwarts tyres are now moulded in beige resin & not in black rubber as shown in the parts photograph below.

The engine assembly 'could' if required, be assembled complete with gearbox, filters, Dowty jets & prop shafts & be mounted on a separate stand outside of the main vehicle (instructional model/museum display style).

£240.00 GBP Temporarily Sold Out. New production run late 2020

See Our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV622 Stalwart




TQ-FV623/624 Stalwart Limber Atlas Crane Conversion kit

This resin & brass etch conversion kit is designed to fit our 1/24th FV622 Stalwart kit above & features a fully operable Atlas crane with soft flexible hydraulic piping, 2 or 4 extra crew seats + extra cab seat, canopies & stowage basket. The kit includes optional parts & accurate number plate decals for both Royal Artillery ammo limber & REME fitters vehicles. Complete conversion instructions are provided.

£38.00 GBP In Stock

See Our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV623/4 Stalwart Limber i.e the last 2 images here from Nigel Fletcher. Bury St.Edmunds




TQ-FV603 Alvis Saracen Mk5/6 6x6 APC

Second in the KFS series of 1/24th scale classic British military vehicles is the Alvis Saracen FV603 APC Mk5/6. The complete parts count stands at some 191 in resin, 81 in white metal, 120 in brass photo etch plus pre coloured clear cast lights & waterslide decals. Optional parts are included to build either the MK5 or Mk6 versions, these include different engine decks & covers, reverse flow cooling parts, air vent & breathers. The model shares many of the suspension & wheel components with the 1/24th Stalwart kit, as does the real life Saracen, but it has an all new 12.00/20 Trakgrip tyre.. As requested by many military modellers the tyres are cast in resin, rather than rubber, this time. The model also comes complete with a fully detailed engine bay with straight 8 B80, removable & optional engine decks for either Mk5 or Mk6 'beehive' versions. The Mk6 version of course was fitted with RFC (Reverse Flow Cooling) equipment & the cowl for this is represented in etched brass. The removable turret is fully detailed & includes a .30 cal Browning MG with ammo tray & box. A hinged & opening drivers main hatch & rear doors are included complete with vision blocks & the interior detail includes a full array of infantry & crew seats, driver controls, radios, batteries, hull padding, fixtures & fittings right down to the firing port straps. 

A sheet of high quality waterslide decals is included covering fire extingushers, stowage & ammo boxes. Two sets of unit markings are also included. Optional number plates are included for two Mk5s, two Mk6s, & even a Mk5 ambulance.  The brass etch set comes complete with head light & tail light mesh cages as fitted to Saracen in service in Northern Ireland. The finished model length with RFC is 215mm (8.5") x 120mm tall (4.5")

£225.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV603 Saracen including SMW 2019 Best Military Vehicle winner Nick Shuttleworth




TQ-212 GKN AT-105 Saxon (GWR) APC

A fully inclusive 1/24th scale model of this 'modern' British APC. Includes fully detailed interior, opening rear & side doors. Opening commanders, drivers & engine bay hatches. Extensive engine bay detail, engine, commanders GPMG mount, etc. Optional steering positions, fully detailed underside, drive line & suspension. Consists of some 134 parts in high quality polyurethane resin, 72 parts in cast white metal & 290 parts in brass etch which includes a full set of seat belt buckles. The kit also includes pre-coloured clear cast lights, & 10 CNC milled clear acrylic vision blocks. The extensive decal set includes VRN plates for 3 vehicles, call signs, ambulance markings, UN, SFOR & ISAF markings. Early pattern Michelin tyres are also available for this kit, please see TQ174 at the bottom of this page.

£140.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

SALE, was £179.00 now £140.00 In Stock (See below for bundle offer)

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the AT105 Saxon



TQ-214 Peak Turret Conversion kit for AT-105 Saxon

Peak Engineering 7.62mm GPMG turret conversion for the above TQ-212 AT105 Saxon kit. This superbly well detailed 53 part conversion by Jon Bottomley, includes a replacement roof plate. Fully detailed split turret with separate hatch, smoke dischargers, 7.62 GPMG, gunners seat, sights & all controls. (Displayed here on a 'just for fun' cut away example.)

£25.00 GBP In Stock

SALE, was £30.00 now £25.00 In Stock

Final Production Run

(Bundle offer TQ-212 Saxon + TQ214 Peak = £150.00 for both)

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the AT105 Saxon Peak




TQ-FV1611 4x4 Humber Pig MK2 Internal Security APC

Third in the series, our Mk2 Humber Pig kit contains some 81 parts in TQ resin, 31 parts in whitemetal & 239 brass & nickle silver photo-etched parts on 3 large frets (78 of which are seat belt related). Plus waterslide decals with a selection of registration numbers (of Mk-2 Pigs that served in Northern Ireland), tyre pressure decals, fire extinguisher & air filter servicing decals.

The Pig kit is of the uparmoured Mk-2, post Operation Bracelet era. It comes complete with a fully detailed engine bay & B60 Rolls Royce petrol engine with hinged engine covers. Fully detailed interior drivers compartment including a brass etched uparmoured front fire wall & complete set of seat belts. Opening driver / passenger doors, with separate opening vision ports to both doors. Opening front vision hatches, top hatches, & opening rear doors to reveal a fully detailed infantry compartment with brass etched uparmoured side walls & a full set of seat belts. The brass etch fret also includes the usual N.I. service mesh guards for the headlights & tail lights. A 5 rail barricade pusher is also supplied.

£175.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV1611 Humber Pig




TQ-168 Tractor Unit CL. 35 Tonne 6x4 Leyland/Scammell Crusader

Briefly, the model comprises all new components from the ground up & includes traditional multi part chassis rails & cross members, an all new Rolls Royce Eagle Diesel engine with Eaton/Fuller gearbox & PTO. Complete Plumett winch, Scammell 6x4 rear bogies, double oscillating fifth wheel, highly detailed cab. Separate wheels & tyres for ease of painting, Goodyear road pattern tyres. Acetate glazing with cutting patterns, pre-coloured clear cast side lights, tail lights, indicators & beacon. Decals include VRN plates, engine decals, data plates & Royal Engineer flashes. Superb etched brass parts including Leyland & Scammell grill badging, exhaust heat shields & engine manufacturer badging. Full pictorial instructions to the usual high standard included.

135 Parts in resin, 92 parts in cast white metal, 136 parts in etched brass

£230.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run




TQ-169 Recovery Vehicle CL. 6x4 Scammell Crusader / EKA

Briefly, the sister model to the above 35 tonne tractor unit kit, use's the same cab, chassis, engine & running gear with alterations as applicable to the recovery vehicle version. The recovery body is of course an all new kit in its own right. The Swedish EKA equipment fitted to the Crusader was later trialled on the Scammell 6x4 Roadtrain T45 cabbed vehicle & eventually entered service (now with rotating crane) on the Foden EKA. Our kit has a full set of open lockers with etched brass doors & detailed stowage including a range of under lift cross head fittings, an operational main crane & underlift, making suspend tows perfectly possible.

The parts count for the combined Crusader tractor unit with EKA recovery body & gear comes in at around 168 in resin, 120 in white metal, 250 in etch brass & 11 clear cast/pre-coloured.

Sorry, this Limited Edition kit is now Sold Out & Discontinued

Above;- picture shows the full Crusader EKA kit layout. The body locker doors are all separate etched brass parts which may be posed open or closed. Essential externally stowed recovery equipment is included as well as a basic set of CES kit for 1 main locker. A further add-on CES kit set is available separately (see TQ180 in the TQ Section for details) to enhance the remaining lockers should the builder wish for them all to be posed open.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the AT105 Saxon



TQ-223 Bedford RL 4x4 GS 4 Ton Truck

An all time classic Bedford shape. Serving for over 30 years with British armed forces around the globe this true Brit saw action in Aden, Cyprus & Northern Ireland. The model is a full kit from the tyres to inclusive resin cast canopy. Fully detailed chassis, cab interior & body. All new bargrip tyres, split rim wheels & the usual wealth of fine detail included.

£160.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

Above;- The kit content, 77 parts in high quality polyurethane resin, 75 in cast white metal & 230 in etched brass. Plus, waterslide decals with a selection of VRN & unit markings, glazing & pre-coloured clear cast lights.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the TQ-223 Bedford RL




TQ-97 Bedford MK 4x4 GS 4 Ton Truck

This is a complete Bedford MK kit, from tyres to canopy bars. It includes a substantial number of brass etch parts, working steering & full engine detail. The kit also includes working dropsides & tailboard. Etch parts & instruction for adding folding infantry seats. The model is fully detailed both on the underside & in the cab. Parts count, 74 in TQ resin, 77 in white metal, 219 in brass etch. Plus various plastics, vac form screen, pre coloured clear cast front & rear lights & waterslide decals. Full pictorial build instructions included.

£160.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the TQ-97 Bedford MK




TQ-FV601 Alvis Saladin Mk2 6x6 Armoured Car

The 485 part kit includes the usual highly detailed B80 Rolls Royce straight 8 engine, in a fully detailed engine bay with hinged covers & hinged oil cooler & oil cooler support bar. Complete torsion bar suspension & running gear with 12.00 x 20 Trak Grip tyres. A fully detailed drivers compartment with working hatch & full compliment of controls, stowage & instruments. The incredibly well detailed lift out turret & turret basket, is complete with all gunners & loaders controls, seats, stowage trays & boxes, C42 & B47 radios, .30cal ranging MG, main armament ammo racks with 24 rounds of ammo in HESH, HE & Smoke format,+ six empty cases & a sliding breach block (each round of ammo also has 2 decals). With the turret lifted out the remainder of the inside of the hull can then be viewed to reveal further ammo racks, crew water tank, 3rd fuel tank, fire extinguishers, batteries & even more stowage. On the outside of the vehicle are the commanders .30MG, turret stowage basket in brass etch, working turret hatches, smoke dischargers, fire extinguishers, pioneer tools & tow ropes, first aid kit & 4 gallon water container. All 5 external stowage bins are thin wall cast & hollow & have separate poseable lids for dioramas.

£250.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

Parts count;- 260 parts in high quality TQ resin, 76 parts in cast white metal, 149 brass etched parts = 485 parts in total, plus decals & various plastics/brass rod etc. The extensive decal set includes unit markings & call sign plates, plus UN markings, full data plate & gunners control /sight markings & even marking decals for the 76mm ammo cartridge case bases & projectiles

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV601 Saladin




TQ-FV701 Daimler Ferret Mk2/3

The kit consists of 157 parts in resin & white metal plus around 150 in brass etch. Decals & full instructions included. Poseable steering & front/rear hatches with optional windscreen cover. Fully detailed turret with.30 cal MG, & highly detailed interior including C42 & B47 radio sets, drivers controls, stowage etc. Hinged &/or complete lift out engine decks to reveal a fully detailed engine bay with complete Rolls Royce B60 engine. An optional brass etch, hinged, external rear stowage basket for mounting over the engine decks is also provided along with optional brass etched sand channels. Unit & UN decals provided. The kit is also easily converted to the non turreted liaison version.

£135.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV701 Daimler Ferret




TQ-FV1801 Truck 1/4 ton 4x4 Austin Champ. Cargo/FFR

The FV1801 Austin Champ kit features a highly detailed Rolls Royce B40 with opening bonnet, detailed underside with torsion bar suspension, folding windscreen & front seats. Folding rear seat/cargo platform & folded hood. PLUS...a complete FFR conversion package including replacement 2 speed generator, control panel, 3 radios (C42/B47) connection boxes & ATUs. PLUS...a front pintle mounted .30 cal MG, & 4 x .303 Lee Enfield rifles. Decals for SIX operating units including Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines, 4th RTR L.A.D., 16/5th Lancers & Royal Military Police & full instructions included.

£110.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

90 parts in high quality polyurethane resin, 64 in white metal & 185 in etched brass. Optional folded resin hood or erected vac-formed hood provided, pre-coloured tail lights & indicators, glazing & woven wire radiator mesh. Full pictorial build instructions.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the FV1801 Austin Champ




TQ-200 AEC Matador MAT M.A.T. (Medium Artillery Tractor)

This monster of a kit contains some 133 parts in high quality polyurethane resin, 96 in cast white metal & 255 in etched brass. The decal set includes markings for two artillery units in the post D Day European theatre & a third set for the North African campaign. Features include a fully detailed cab & chassis, with all the handbrake & winch control tie rods & levers, a complete engine (even though very little of it is seen after assembly) , working steering, complete artillery body with canopy, crew seating, spare wheel, pioneer tools etc, 12 x No4 Lee Enfield rifles, wire mesh radiator grill, rear lights & indicators for post war & civilian use, glazing, various plastics, brass & aluminium strips & rods. Plus, 30 A4 pages of full pictorial instructions.

Sorry, now Sold Out (a final 10 units may be produced late 2020/2021)


(Indicators & tail lights on this particular build are included only for the sake of completing the 'civilian use' part of the instructions)

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the AEC Matador




TQ-201 Ordnance 5.5 Inch Howitzer

To compliment the above 1/24th scale AEC Matador medium artillery gun tractor, we also now offer the classic 5.5" towed howitzer, also in 1/24th scale. Features include all mechanisms in high detail, working breach, working trails with detachable ground spades. Optional parts are provided for a choice of towed/loading/low angle firing or full elevation. Optional parts are also supplied for wartime & post war use along with optional balancing gear covers & muzzle cover. The model also offers a traversing gun cradle, complete sights, pioneer tools, real timber gun planks, hand spikes, ranging poles, drag rope, shells, loading tray, charge tubes (open & closed), bag charges, 6 ammo boxes of 3 types, & a comprehensive ammo & ammo box marking decal set. Full build instructions included. The kit consists of 126 parts in high quality resin & white metal & around 232 in etched brass. That sounds a lot of etched parts, but around 80 of those are just lashing loops for CES stowage, (with plenty of spares) a further 80 are buckles for the stowage straps (again with plenty of spares) & 36 are the drag rope hooks for the wheels. Full pictorial build instructions included.

£120.00 GBP In Stock (2 left)

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the BL5.5" Howitzer




TQ-202 AEC Militant Mk1 6x6 Gun Tractor

This 1/24th scale model of the 'Tenny', 'Milly' or 'Knocker' as they were affectionately known measures some 306mm long. It has separate cab doors, fully detailed engine with separate engine cover, fully detailed cab interior, real wire mesh radiator grill, winch, drive line & suspension, detailed late production type artillery body with crew seats, hoops & resin cast canvas. The usual clear cast pre coloured lights, a wealth of etched brass detail parts, decals & the usual high standard pictorial instructions.The parts count stands at 145 parts in high quality resin, 101 in cast white metal & 344 in brass etch + the aformentioned clear cast lights & glazing. Total, over 600 pieces.

£250.00 GBP In Stock

Final Production Run

The imposing AEC Militant makes another excellent stable mate for our TQ-201 5.5" gun above.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the AEC Militant gun tractor




TQ-225 English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 SAGM

The English Electric Thunderbird surface to air guided missile was adopted by the British army in 1959 as a highly mobile air defence weapon & served until 1977 before the last battery was re-equipped with the Rapier system. It ran for many years in direct competition with the similar looking Bloodhound system that was developed by Bristol/Ferranti (later part of BAC) & ordered for the RAF. At battery strength, the 4 missile transporter/launcher trailers (which were connverted Bofors 40/70 carriage) would be towed by Bedford RL & later by Bedford MK prime movers. The battery also consisted of AEC Militant prime movers & 6 generator trailers for power & hydraulics, 2 radar trailers & 4 missile re-supply trailers. The launcher could be re-loaded with another missile, complete with launcher cradle, from the re-supply trailer, (middle pictures below) without the aid of a crane. The black & white photograph (3rd from left) shows a missile & cradle turned through 90 degrees & being manhandled onto the launcher from the re-supply trailer.

£140.00 GBP In Stock

Our comprehensive kit offers the complete missile with its 4 wheel transporter/launcher trailer (as per far left colour picture). Axles can be removed & the launcher lowered to the ground. The two black & white in service pictures show the missile on a re-supply trailer, not the transporter/launcher.

Above, 10 shots of the first pre-production kit test build for instruction purposes


Above, the completed model in the ground mount role with axles removed & outrigger legs deployed. To give an idea of size, the missile itself is 268mm long from tip to tail. At the optimum 50 degree launch angle the models stands just under 11" tall. Plus two shots of Paul Greens complete Thunderbird in transport mode.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the Mk2 Thunderbird




TQ-204 Truck 4x4 1 Ton Forward Control

Features include a fully detailed interior with all drivers controls, separate doors & tailboard that can be posed open, detailed underside including suspension & axles, engine block & sump, exhaust system, pose-able steering, & spare wheel. The kit comprises some 61 parts in high quality TQ resin, 41 parts in white metal, 134 in etched brass plus pre-coloured clear cast lights, vac formed canopy, Oratex fabric side screens, glazing, various brass & plastic sections & full pictorial build instructions. The high quality decal set includes data plates, dashboard clocks & gauges, unit markings for Parachute Regt & Royal Marines plus a selection of vehicle registration numbers.

£120.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the 1 Ton Forward Control




TQ-203 Truck 4x4 1/2 Ton Airportable

The kit comprises of some 58 parts in high quality resin, 53 parts in white metal, & approx 116 in brass etch. Glazing & pre coloured clear cast side tail lights are included, as are high quality water slide decals for Military Police, Parachute Regiment & Royal Marines plus all data plates, gauges & VRN. The main canopy is supplied in vac-form with Orartex fabric for the side & rear sheets & strapping. The model also includes optional resin & etch parts for the earlier version with the inboard head lights. Steering is pose-able, the bonnet is removable to reveal a complete engine & detailed engine bay, the doors & tailgate are separate items allowing for a wide range of display options including a full 'strip down' version.

£102.00 GBP In Stock

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the Lightweight Airportable




TQ-228 Truck 4x4 Series 2A Ambulance

£150.00 GBP In Stock

The classic British Army RAMC ambulance workhorse. Detailed engine compartment & drivers cab with separate doors. Detailed body interior with stretchers & hinged working rear doors. 75 Parts in TQ resin, 63 parts in cast white metal, 96 parts in brass etch, full colour waterside decals & blue beacon. Pictures below of the first two test builds;-




TQ-207 Trailer 1/2 Ton Sankey Mk2

The later production version of the Sankey 1/2 ton with smooth body sides & a different rope hook layout. This trailer is ideally suited to the Land Rover era & suits both of the 1/2 ton Lightweights as well as the 1/24th Scale Italeri 3 Series kits. Pose-able landing legs, duckboard, road tyres & a Oraartex load cover.

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TQ-208 L118 105mm Light Gun

This unique & highly successful British designed artillery piece, has been purchased by the USA (where it is known as the M119) & Australia (where it is known as the Hamel) amongst many others including Thailand, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain & Portugal. Accepted for service into the British Army in the early 70s, it first saw extensive active service in the Falklands campaign, firing up to 400 rounds per day. Since then seeing service in Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan & is still in service today. The model allows for any firing angle & for both towing options (barrel forward / barrel reversed). Shells, charges & ammo boxes complete with decals are included, plus a detachable base plate turntable & its securing strops. The 105 Light Gun is the perfect stable mate for the KFS TQ-204 1 ton Forward Control. 46 Parts in TQ resin, 36 in white-metal, 64 in brass etch plus, various plastics, decals & full instructions.

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Final Production Run

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the L118 Light Gun




TQ-209 120mm L2 BAT / L4 Mobat / L7 Conbat

Developed in the 1950s & deployed through to the 70s, the BAT series of 120mm anti tank weapons were the immediate fore runner to the L6 Wombat (below) & are often incorrectly referred to as 'Wombat'. They are in fact a different weapon system altogether having a drop breach with attached venturi whereas the L6 Wombat has a hinged, sideways opening venturi. Although the 120mm ammunition is the same, the rest of the weapon is completely different. BAT, Mobat & Conbat were fully towed weapons with a dedicated chassis with independent suspension & 7.50 x 16 wheels & tyres. Whereas, the wheeled carriage on the L6 Wombat could only be used to man handle the weapon into a hide position when dismounted from its portee vehicle, i.e the 1/2 ton & 3/4 ton Land Rover or FV432.

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Final Production Run

Our 'multi kit' approach for TQ-209 will offer the modeller the option to build either the L2 BAT with its very heavy double layer shield, ...or the lighter, Champ & Land Rover towed L4 Mobat (Modified BAT), which is essentially the same weapon but with the shield removed & a .303" Bren LMG fitted to the left side of the barrel to assist in target ranging..or the L7 Conbat, (Converted BAT) the final version of the series where the LMG ranging gun was replaced by an M8 .50" dedicated spotting rifle mounted on top of the barrel. The kit includes ammo & ammo cases.




TQ-210 120mm L6 Wombat

The United Kingdom's L6 Wombat ( Weapon Of Magnesium Battalion Anti Tank) 120mm recoilless rifle entered service in the 1960s and was used by the British Army in many parts of the world. During the Vietnam War, the Wombat was used by the Australian army. The L6 Wombat 120mm recoilless rifle was 12.66 feet (3.86m) long & required a 3 man crew. Usually, the Wombat was mounted on a mobile small two-wheeled carriage to enable manouvre into a hide position. Although usuallty fired dismounted from the portee vehicle, it could also however be mounted on, & fired from, Army Land Rover vehicles and FV432 APC suitably converted for the role. Contrary to some incorrect reports, Wombat is NOT A VEHICLE TOWED WEAPON. The Wombat had 360 degree traverse and could engage static targets at ranges of 1,093yds (1000m) and moving targets up to 820yds (750m). The 0.5" (12.7mm) M8 spotting rifle mounted over the barrel helped the gunner to engage the target with a first round hit. The Wombat's 4.72" (120mm) calibre HESH round weighed 60lbs (27.2kg) and could penetrate 15.75" (400mm) of armour. The projectile itself weighed 28.3lbs (12.84kg). While the L6 Wombat was a powerful weapon, it created such a huge back blast signature when fired that it was difficult to keep its location hidden after the first round.

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Final Production Run

The above pictures show the kit parts, the dismounted weapon & the first test build using the inclusive vehicle mounting kit. Our kit comes complete with 4 rounds of 120mm ammo & ammo cases, plus a mounting package for the KFS 1/2 ton Lightweight Land Rover.




TQ-211 M40A1 106mm Recoilless Rifle

An American designed recoilless weapon of the 1950s, widely used throughout the world to this day as a lightweight, vehicle transported, tank killer. There has hardly been a trouble spot in the world in the past half century where this weapon has not been used. Korea, Vietnam, Congo, Somalia, Falklands, Iraq, Libya, Syria,.... Our kit is designed to be a conversion kit for the FV1801 Austin Champ & as such comes with etched conversion parts & instructions for that task. However, because the two rear legs of the tripod are width adjustable, the kit will also easily fit most 1/24th scale Jeep kits, the KFS Lightweight Airportable, the Italeri 3 Series Land Rover kit & most open backed civilian pick ups. The model is demountable from the carrying vehicle & comes with the standard monowheel tripod carriage. The model has barrel traverse & elevation & comes with a total of 8 rounds of the unique perforated case106mm ammo. 4 Rounds of HESH & 4 Rounds of HEAT plus an ammo rack for Champ use. The ammunition for this kit has been specially CAD drawn & rapid prototyped & has the correct number & size of perforations in each shell case.

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Final Production Run

SALE, was £38.00 now £22.00

The above pictures show the kit parts, the weapon dismounted & the first test build of the kit with its dedicated FV1801 Champ mounting. The final picture shows the M40 RR kit mounted in a chopped Mitsubishi Pajero, as an example for those fancying a 'Rebel Technical' build. More pictures of this model can be found in the Gallery.

See our GALLERY for lots more images of customers builds of the M40 Recoiless Rifle



Period British Soldiers.

To compliment our Saracen, Humber Pig & Ferret kits we offer a small selection of 1/24th scale British Soldiers from the 1970s in Northern Ireland riot & patrol dress. Simple to assemble yet nicely detailed.

NIS-1 N/Ireland Soldier, 1970s

Standing soldier carrying a riot shield & baton. Movable helmet visor. Early style flak vest.

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NIS-2 N/Ireland Soldier, 1970s
Standing soldier also equipped with a movable helmet visor & carrying SLR. Early style flak vest.

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NIS-3 N/Ireland Soldier, 1970s
Squatting soldier with beret, SLR & later type flak vest

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NIS-4 N/Ireland Soldier, 1970s
Kneeling soldier with beret, SLR & later type flak vest.

Figures come with etched parts for rifle slings, helmet visors, & riot shields as applicable. Clear acetate is also included for helmet visors & riot shields as applicable.

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MP-1 1950s Military Police Figures
To compliment the Austin Champ kit with its optional Military Police decals, we can now offer a pair of 1/24th British Military Policemen in 1950s battledress. The pair come complete with decals for badges of rank, shoulder titles, Div patches & MP arm bands.

£16.00GBP (set of 2 figures)

Final Production Run. In Stock

TQ-148 Mechanic / AFV Crewman
A 1/24th generic mechanic / driver style figure, standing, in overalls & tankie style beret, sleeves rolled, holding oily rag.

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TQ-149 Working Dress Soldier
A 1/24th generic working dress soldier in lightweights & a wooley pulley, leaning back, hands in pockets & relaxed.

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1/24th Military Accessories
TQ-117 Modern pattern wheels & tyres (Generic)
Pair. Generic items for the scratch builder, 50mm diam x 21mm wide with separate hub & drum

£11.50GBP per axle set

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TQ-100 12.00 x 20 Trak-Grip
Pair. Trak Grip tyres from our Saracen/Saladin kit. Supplied with commercial vehicle 10 stud wheels, or Alvis 8 stud wheels (you choose). 47.5mm diam x 15mm wide

£10.00GBP per axle set.

Only While Stocks Last

TQ-143 Michelin XZL 395/85 R20

Pair. Modern Hi Traction tyre as fitted to late model Bedford TM & AT-105 Saxon. Complete with separate 2 part wheel with studs & nuts for use as a road wheel.

Now issued complete with the Kirkstall hub reduction hub centre as supplied with TQ174 below.

£12.00GBP Per Pair

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TQ-144 Michelin XZL 395/85 R20
The 'spare wheel' version of the above. All identical but without the studs & nuts.

£6.00GBP Each

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TQ-162 Michelin XZL 16.00R20
Pair. The bigger brother to the TQ143/144 above. The XZL 16.00R20 measures 56mm diameter x 18.5mm wide & comes with 2 part wheel & separate pre-drilled Kirkstall hubs. As fitted to Foden EKA wrecker for example

£13.00GBP Per Pair

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TQ-163 Michelin XZL 16.00R20

The 'spare wheel' version of the TQ162 above . Identical, but without the wheel nuts & studs, & hub.

(Left) TQ162/163 Comparsion pictures with the TQ143/144 above & a standard Italeri 1/24 truck tyre.

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TQ-174 Michelin 365/80 R20 XL
Pair of modern Hi Traction tyre as fitted to early model Bedford TM & AT-105 Saxon. Complete with separate 2 part wheel with studs & nuts & Kirkstall hub reduction hubs.May be used as a direct swap for the wheels & tyres in our TQ212 AT-105 Saxon APC kit.

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PE-94 PSP Marston Matting
A set of etched brass interlocking PSP matting. Fully detailed on both sides & very easy to assemble. Set consists of 9 strips @ 128mm (5") & 6 end strips @ 64mm (2.5") The set assembles to a rectangle of 256mm x 102mm (10" x 4") Ideal for use in forming a diorama base for any of the above vehicles in the field, for use as makeshift sand channels on vehicles & for the growing range of 1/24th scale aircraft kits.


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TQ-205 Ammo Box Set
An assorted set of ten 1/24th ammunition boxes (three of which are from our 5.5" gun kit). Six boxes are cast closed & four are hollow with removable lids. Perfect for dioramas & vehicle stowage. Supplied with comprehensive decal marking sheet.

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Only While Stocks Last

TQ-150 Jerry Can Set
A set of 12 standard NATO jerry cans. Six 20L FUEL cans with separate handles & six 20L black plastic WATER cans.

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TQ-152 Oil Container Set
A set of 12 POL containers in 3 sizes. 4 x 5ltr plastic bottle, 4 x 15ltr plastic container & 4 x 25ltr (5 gal) drums with etched brass handles & label decals.

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TQ-153 5 Gallon POL Set
A set of 10, British Army steel 5 gallon (25ltr) round oil drums, with etched brass handles & applicable POL marking decals.

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