A Brief Guide to Using this Site

This is just a brief guide for those who are using the site for the first time, or just to know where best to find things.

The Navigation is broken down into main sections:

  • Military Range - A selection of 1/24th Scale Cold War Era British Vehicles, Weaponry and Accessories. This is then grouped into sub sections or can be browsed through as a whole range.
  • Civilian Range - A selection of 1/24th Scale Civilian Vehicles and Trucks, Conversion and Upgrade Kits, and a variety of Accessories and parts for custom builds and dioramas. This is then grouped into sub sections or can be browsed through as a whole range.
  • White Metal and Photoetch Kits - A selection of 1/24th Scale White Metal and Photoetch Kits, either as stand alone kits, for Conversion, or a variety of Accessories and parts for custom builds and dioramas.
  • Specialist and Hobby Items - A selection of specialist custom parts for customisation, custom builds and dioramas.
  • Special Offers - Simply put these are special offers for groups of products or single products.
  • All In Stock Products - a simple way to find everything in one place that is currently in stock.
  • Decals - a selection of decals ideal for adorning your built truck or other vehicles.

Within Military and Civilian Sections (Category) you will find an option to filter products by Availability (in stock or out of stock), Price (a price bracket from and to), and Tags. It is in Tags where we have tried to make life as simple as possible to navigate and find products or groups of products. In total there are over 50 tags of product types, which include the Part type and the Manufacturer names, amongst other key words. 

Within each Section you will also find an option to Sort by a range of different options, including Alphabetically, by Price (low to high or high to low) and a variety of other options.

Once you are in each product, you will see the name of the product, and if it is in stock, you will be able to add it to your basket. You will also be able to return to the Section you arrived from by clicking on the Section name (for example "Civilian Range") which appears above the product image on the page.

If you add a product to your basket (or cart) you will find a window drops down informing you of this, and you can view your cart by clicking on the bag symbol. The number displayed overlaid on the bag symbol, indicates how many total items you have in your basket. Once you have added an item to your basket, you can keep browsing until you are ready to go to checkout. At this point you can fill in your details for shipping address, billing address and payment information as applicable.

Within the rest of the website, you will also find:

  • Information on Working with the various materials that we use in our kits (with guidance being added to this on a regular basis).
  • Updates on New Projects we are working on.
  • Events listing that we are either attending as a trader or consider would be good to attend.
  • Gallery of images of builds (being added to regularly)
  • About information for the company
  • Standard information about Terms, Conditions and policies,

If at any point using this site you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: info@kfsuk.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy using the new site and browsing through the images of the various builds that have been made over the years. We looking forward to adding more to it with Howard's help, over the coming years.