About KFS

Kit Form Services (or KFS for short) was set up in March of 1987 by Howard Whitehead, a former commercial vehicle mechanic & REME soldier with 20 years experience `on the spanners`. His modelling background is much like that of most modeler's, starting as a young boy with his first Airfix Spitfire, and things just snowballed from there.

For many years, the company was a one-man operation. Initially the work of KFS revolved solely around the building of commission models for customers in the road transport industry. It was not long before Howard started to identify a definite lack of available conversion parts to make the Italeri & Revell kits (the basis of most of the commission built models) more accurate & realistic.

The only answer therefore was to learn how to make the parts. Word got out that Howard was making resin parts to convert Italeri kits at roughly the same time as the inception of TMW magazine and before long he began advertising parts for sale on a regular basis with fresh products coming on line almost every month. Other like-minded modellers soon made their interest known & before long the range had expanded to include waterslide decals, photoetch parts & imported ranges as well as his own range of resin. Today the range is so big that KFS no longer cast resin parts in house, all KFS parts & kits are professionally made by the countries top resin casting company. Likewise, the photo-etched parts & waterslide decals are all made, out of house & by some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Over the last few years, Howard began to want to reduce the amount of work he did around the administration of orders, and packing products and a range of other tasks. However, with very little persuasion he was still very keen to stay involved with future development of projects and products, ensuring the ongoing development of products is maintained at the same very high level as has always been the case with Kit Form Services.

As the new owners of Kit Form Services, we are privileged to be able to continue to work with Howard on developing new products and for his ongoing support and advice on the kits in his range. Though there have been some changes necessitated by the change of ownership, and due to ongoing effects of Brexit and Covid, we are committed to ensuring the quality of the product maintains at the same level that it always has.

The range is constantly changing with new parts & kits being introduced & older parts being updated or discontinued. Many of these projects are being worked on alongside Gerry Mos, who Howard has worked with on a number of previous projects, along with other 3D designers, and a vast group of passionate experts, who continue to provide invaluable information to aid in the design process, for which we are always grateful and humbled by their generosity in supplying this information. This project developments will be being updated as regularly as is practicable as these projects progress through to release. We hope you enjoy the new website & the products we offer. Happy modelling.

Howard would like to also continue to thank all of his customers for their continued support over the last 35 years, without whom, he knows there would have been no KFS.