Working with Decals

This summary of advice is especially relevant to the high quality Decal kits we produce, and is only given with this in mind. (This advice may well be helpful for other products also, but it is especially presented relating to its application on our products).


When fitting any decals and especially fine decals such as KFS pinstriping, use a little washing up liquid in your decal water. This really does make a difference for their application, as the decals will slide a lot easier and be less prone to sticking and curling under. In an average size saucer of water, mix in only 2-3 drops of washing up liquid.

This method is also very effective for much larger area decals, such as on trailer decal sets. It allows the decal to be moved around for longer and makes the removal of water from under the decal a lot easier. Large decals on flexible curtain should always be lacquered over (using something like Humbrol 135) to prevent cracking later on. Allow at least 7 days for the decals to dry before applying lacquer in this example.