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Recovery Vehicle CL. 6x4 Scammell Crusader / EKA - 1/24th Scale KFS-274 (TQ169)

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Parts: Resin (168pcs), Metal (120pcs), Brass Etch (1250pcs), (Contains Instructions)

The sister model to the 35 tonne tractor unit kit, This set uses the same cab, chassis, engine & running gear with alterations as applicable to the recovery vehicle version. The recovery body is of course an all new kit in its own right. The Swedish EKA equipment fitted to the Crusader was later trialled on the Scammell 6x4 Roadtrain T45 cabbed vehicle & eventually entered service (now with rotating crane) on the Foden EKA.

Our kit has a full set of open lockers with etched brass doors & detailed stowage including a range of under lift cross head fittings, an operational main crane & underlift, making suspend tows perfectly possible.

The parts count for the combined Crusader tractor unit with EKA recovery body & gear comes in at around 168 in resin, 120 in white metal, 250 in etch brass & 11 clear cast/pre-coloured. 

The last few images in this gallery show the full Crusader EKA kit layout. The body locker doors are all separate etched brass parts, which can be posed open or closed. Essential externally stowed recovery equipment is included as well as a basic set of CES kit for 1 main locker.

A further add-on CES kit set is available separately (see TQ180) to enhance the remaining lockers should the builder wish for them all to be posed open.

Product Ref: KFS-274

All Kits are supplied unpainted and many also require assembly. (Painted or built examples are for inspiration/guidance only.) This product is not a toy. It is suitable for those of 14 and over. This product may contain essentially pointed and many small parts. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.

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