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TQ-FV1611 4x4 Humber Pig MK2 Internal Security APC - 1/24th Scale KFS-148 (FV1611)

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Parts: Resin (81pcs), Metal (31pcs), Etch, Decals, (Contains Instructions)

This was the third made in the series. Our Mk2 Humber Pig kit contains some 81 parts in resin, 31 parts in white metal & 239 brass & nickle silver photo-etched parts on 3 large frets (78 of which are seat belt related). Plus waterslide decals with a selection of registration numbers (of Mk-2 Pigs that served in Northern Ireland), tyre pressure decals, fire extinguisher & air filter servicing decals.

The Pig kit is of the uparmoured Mk-2, post Operation Bracelet era. It comes complete with a fully detailed engine bay & B60 Rolls Royce petrol engine with hinged engine covers. Fully detailed interior drivers compartment including a brass etched uparmoured front fire wall & complete set of seat belts. Opening driver / passenger doors, with separate opening vision ports to both doors. Opening front vision hatches, top hatches, & opening rear doors to reveal a fully detailed infantry compartment with brass etched uparmoured side walls & a full set of seat belts. The brass etch fret also includes the usual N.I. service mesh guards for the headlights & tail lights. A 5 rail barricade pusher is also supplied.

Product Ref: KFS-148

All Kits are supplied unpainted and many also require assembly. (Painted or built examples are for inspiration/guidance only.) This product is not a toy. It is suitable for those of 14 and over. This product may contain essentially pointed and many small parts. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.

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